Which Banner Stand is Right for Me?

Which Banner Stand is Right for Me?

When organizing your trade show display, the inevitable question of which banner stand is right for me is sure to arise. You’ll want to use the whole space to really draw in customers, while avoiding the issue of creating too much clutter that becomes distracting. Consider the following tips when you are deciding which band stand is right for you:

Which Banner Stand

Size of the Space

Are you filling one 10×10 booth, or will you have larger or multiple spaces to fill? Trade shows often offer different size spaces for displays, so versatility is key.

If you’re sure to be adjusting to varying spaces frequently, perhaps a telescopic banner would be the best solution. These banners are endlessly customizable and are the simplest to switch graphics out. This means increased versatility for your display. Have a larger space to fill? The extra-wide retractable banner stand will make a huge visual impact on your clients – even from a distance.

Placement Within Booth

Will the banner stand be used as a backdrop or will it be set in front of your booth to engage customers as they pass by? The placement within a trade show booth makes all the difference when deciding the size/style of a banner.

outdoor banner visibility

If you plan on setting the banner in the forefront of your display, a double-sided banner stand could be just what you need. These banners offer 360 degrees of visibility to maximize your booth’s outreach in high traffic areas. You’ll want to be sure to pick a banner that doesn’t block visibility to your display. This is especially if you have an interactive booth. A fabric banner stand offers a fantastic modern appearance that stands out even when placed off to the side of your display.

Ease of Setup/Portability

Will you be under a tight time table to have your booth up and running? Trade show veterans are often under tight deadlines to have their booth ready for customers. Especially if you have many other components to set up: i.e. interactive exhibits, video components, counters, etc.

which banner stand

If you need a banner stand that sets up in seconds so you have more time to arrange the rest of your display, then a retractable banner stand is the perfect solution. Will the banner stand need to be transported frequently? Not only do fabric banner stands look great, but they fold up and store nicely as well. This makes them ideal for frequent use.

Answering these questions will help to determine which banner will most effectively communicate your message to potential clients. There is a banner stand to fit every size and budget available at APG Exhibits. As always, feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have – our team at APG Exhibits is happy to help.

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