How to Drive Traffic with Feather Flags


Feather FlagBig brands invest millions of dollars in their advertising budget, but how can you communicate efficiently and quickly at the lowest cost? Feather flag banners may be just the thing you need to promote your business! With a wide variety of sizes and shapes, advertising flags such as the feather flag (also known as a bow flag) allow you to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of your customers. Please read on for our overview on how to drive traffic with feather flag advertising banners.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Flagpoles

The Indoor Flagpole

This type of pole can reach a maximum height of 9ft. Indoor poles are best used to optimize the decor of a room or to communicate information in a targeted area or display within your showroom. The indoor flagpole is made of a glass-resin laminate and a polycarbonate rod which gives the mast its flexibility.

The Outdoor Flagpole

This model is very popular outside brick-and-mortar stores. This is due in most part to its height which can reach up to 18ft. Customers can see your branding from a distance with a feather flag banner. Moreover, this support is exceptionally wind resistant because it contains two polycarbonate rods instead of one.

Both indoor and outdoor feather flags come with weighted feet. There are different variants depending on the type of ground on which the flag rests.

Feather Flag, An Indispensable Marketing Tool

A feather flag or bow flag is a visual marketing tool that can help convey your branding in a variety of situations. It serves to deliver a particular message to potential customers and also to attract the attention of those customers. A feather flag can be used to highlight the company and its products, or a particular message. Versatility and portability are the key components that allow you to sufficiently inform and target potential customers. The design of an inexpensive feather flag is useful in attracting a large audience during a marketing campaign.

Accessibility and Efficiency Guaranteed with Feather Flag Banners

For your marketing campaign, you can count on the effectiveness of an advertising display flag. This medium is extremely useful in targeting a wide range of potential customers. Install the flag in strategic locations frequented by your target audience. You can design feather flag banners in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. Once you have chosen the space for the feather flag, there are endless customizations available in size and shape.

Three Key Strengths of Feather Flag Advertising

A feather flag banner is a simple, efficient and economical solution to promote your brand, improve your visibility, and convince potential customers to get to know more about you.

  • First, they attract attention. This is especially true if you choose captivating colors. It is a smart move to use shades related to your company’s logo to promote your brand.
  • Second, it offers the opportunity to convey a message quickly. Be sure to design your banner in a way that is clear and concise. Feather flags, when properly utilized, can efficiently display your message to potential customers.
  • Third, feather flags are exceedingly simple to transport. They can be broken down and folded up so they can be moved to the most strategic location in an instant.

Advantages of Feather Flag Advertising

Think about every time you leave your house. What is always present no matter where you go? Advertising, right? Indeed, every where you go a multitude of promotional messages are on your way, wherever you look. Nowadays, publications are an integral part of our urban landscape. They are everywhere, on public transport, on the street, in shop windows, and even on your branded clothing. But why should you include a feather flag in your advertising communication?

– Professional quality and appearance for minimal cost

– Straightforward and effective way to attract attention and generate interest

– Use both indoors and outdoors

– Easy installation and mobility

– Lightweight so it is easy to move

– A multitude of supports, shapes, and sizes available

Feather flags have a great advantage: they are easily customizable and remarkably visible thanks to their large print surface. These flags are perfect for displaying powerful and original messages. The goal is to have a visual that is intriguing without being too busy. It is important to show the benefits that your customers will derive from the use of your products and services; all with impeccable graphics and a well-placed logo. Doing this will give a positive and dynamic impression to your prospective clients.

Outdoor and Indoor Feather Flag Advertising

First of all, it is always good to think about where you will place your feather flag. Is it indoors? Outdoors? Will this place be sheltered? Flags such as:

Swooper Flag: is designed to be used in various applications such as events, concerts, and promotions. This banner ad is also ideal for home affairs, such as conventions or trade shows. This flag is designed to face fair to moderate external conditions. This giant flag allows for visible advertising in wind, rain or snow without problems. High winds can sometimes cause damage, but these banners are made from top quality materials to limit or prevent any damage.

Specialty Flags: These flags are used during events or political events, in town halls, institutions, etc. Nowadays, personalized flags are seen from around the world, in hotels, public buildings, schools, cars, and much more. It is because of this that this representative piece of advertising is seen in our daily lives.

The Benefits of Feather Flag Advertising for Your Business

By adapting to all environments, feather flag advertising offers you many opportunities to help develop your business:

  • It gives you instant visibility to potential customers. Feather flags are, in fact, one of the most traditional advertising mediums but are also one of the most effective. Unlike digital, radio, or audiovisual marketing campaigns; you do not have to pay for the number of impressions or the number of broadcasts of your ad. Your branding elements such as your logo, slogan, or image are thus permanently visible to all passersby.
  • It attracts attention and piques curiosity. Put your company out front of the competition with original graphics, vivid colors, and a dynamic message. Ensure that your company stands out thanks to the large format printing of outdoor advertising.
  • It allows you to create complete marketing campaigns: Simple to mix with different communication media; feather flags work perfectly in combination with social networks or in print advertising. You multiply the contact with your target customers, which quickly reinforces your brand image.

Optimal Use of Feather Flag Banners

Feather flags are external communication, visible to everybody, that allow interaction with customers and potential partners wherever they are placed. Straightforward and efficient, feather flag banners occupy the space with the design of your company, thus creating a brand awareness that is beneficial to your growth. Because we all tend to associate with the companies we know and recognize, your business will create a direct relationship with your clients by appearing in their daily life.

Whether your advertising banner is installed at the entrance of your store or on your stand at a trade show, it is always a good idea to add your contact details (email, phone number, etc.). Do this so that people who see your banner can contact you.

With APG Exhibits, you will find all the customization options of materials, formats, and quantities you need to get a feather flag banner tailored for your company. By combining lower prices with premium materials and high-quality printing, know that you can trust APG in choosing the right advertising feather flags for your specific needs.

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