Refresh Your Retractable Banner Stands With New Graphics

Swap outdated graphics for new in your retractable banner stands


If you use retractable banner stands in your trade show exhibits, you owe it to yourself to be versed in the ability to swap out the graphics when the original information becomes outdated or the graphic itself becomes worn out.

All retractable banner stands have the ability to swap out the old graphics, some of which the mechanism is as simple as swapping out a ‘cartridge’ similar to what is shown in the picture below.


Retractable Banner Stands' Graphic


Save money, and landfill space; don’t throw away old hardware!

It goes without saying  you don’t want to through away an expensive piece of hardware, but consider the environment any time you have a chance to reuse something that’s going to be good for all of us. There are places that will recycle the vinyl that the old retractable banner stand is made from you’ll have to check your local recycling centers and see if you can even improve on the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra that will keep us green.

Upgrade optional

The fabric dye-sublimation printed graphics are a nice upgrade if you have the budget; they have a little less ‘shiny’ appearance and they have an ‘aura’ of nicer. People can ‘just tell’ they are nicer but it’s subtle and they just don’t know why; like fine fabric vs coarse fabric. Since you’ll be saving money while re-using the  hardware from your existing retractable banner stands, you may wish to convert some of those saved dollars into a better banner.

Where to find graphic replacements for retractable banner stands

You can find the ‘graphic only’ version of nearly all banner related products here Banner Stand Replacement Graphics. Find what you need and get any help you need to refresh those old banner stands!


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