Trade Show Display Additions: The Top 3 Add-Ons To Make Your Booth Shine!

Most people know the standard ways to successfully draw attention and traffic to a company’s trade show display (if you don’t, please see our “Trade Show Displays 101” article HERE).  However, there are many additions that can be utilized in efforts to bringing your trade show display are to “the next level.”  In this article we will take a look at some of the innovative add-ons that can make your company the talk of your next big trade show or event!

1. Hanging Displays
trade show display add-on

These dynamic trade show display additions serve a very specific purpose, particularly within the context of larger-scale tradeshows.  Typically when a visitor enters the show floor, they are greeted with row upon row upon row of similar looking booths, most of which are at basically the same height and width as all the others.  So where might the eye naturally go if there is something drawing its attention?  Up!  The air-space *above* a tradeshow display can be used just as effectively as what’s on the ground floor.  Most hanging display hardware is made from extruded aluminum (or in some cases fiberglass), with full-color, sublimated, “pillowcase” graphics wrapping the entire frame.  They are not the cheapest addition you can make, but they certainly have the ability to make the biggest impression!

2. Case-To-Counter Conversions

One of the biggest necessities in a trade show display area is to make the greatest possible impression in the (often small) space that is available.  Additionally, for the budget-conscious, there is a huge advantage to multi-purpose trade show display items.  For both needs you have a perfect solution in Case-To-Counter Conversion Kits.  These simple kits allow you to convert your flight/travel cases into usable, branded counter areas for the booth area.  Graphics are typically done either on a 22mil rollable PVC or a sublimated polyester fabric, similar to that used for the Hanging Displays.  If you’re looking to do more with less, Case Conversion Kits may be the perfect solution.

3. Table Covers

Many trade show displays have one thing in common: the table that the area comes with as part of the registration fee.  The challenge is for each company to make that table as eye-catching as possible.  One of the best ways to do this is through use of a full-color, sublimated, knit polyester table cover.  The great thing about these is that you are able to print/brand every square inch, so if you want the background color to be your company’s main PMS color, you can do that.  If you want to do a step-and-repeat of your logo/tagline or an actual product image, you can do that too.  There really isn’t any limit to what you can do graphically with sublimated Table Covers, which can easily and inexpensively serve to tie your entire exhibit together.

If you put additions like these together with the standard, go-to displays, then you can have a trade show display that will be sure attract a ton of attention at your next event!

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