Pop Up Displays: A Closer Look At Hardware Styles

With So Many Pop Up Displays Out There, Which Is Right For You?

Probably the most common type of trade show display on the market, pop up displays have been providing exhibitors with low-cost, high-ROI display options for years.  They are a common go-to for 10′ x 10′ booth spaces due to their ease of setup and eye-catching look, but there are a few different styles available out there.  Which is right for you?  Let’s take a closer look:

Hop Up Pop Up Displays1. Collapsible w/Single Front Graphic

This is undoubtedly the most often seen style of pop up display on pretty much any given trade show floor.  Collapsible hardware is made up of a series of connected rods and joins that allow the entire unit to expand as big as 12′ wide and 8′ high and yet still collapse back down to a fraction of that size for easy storage and transportation.  The single front graphic versions include Hop Up Displays, Coyote Displays, and OneFabric Displays, with the graphics typically attaching via velcro.

Collage Pop Up Displays2. Collapsible w/Multiple Dual-Side Graphics

The most recent evolution to the collapsible style of pop up displays is primarily seen in the XCLAIM Collage series, which at first glance appears to function very similarly to the single-front style.  While it’s true that the collapsing mechanism works almost identically, the main difference lies in how the graphics are applied.  Instead of attaching graphic to the front of the unit via velcro, each intersection of each quad has a small hub, each of which can receive multiple corners of specially-finished graphic flags (grommet holes are sewn into the four corners of these flags).  The hubs are on both the front and back, allowing multi-dimensional graphic configurations as well as sizes ranging from a 1×1 quad all the way up to 5×3 (a whopping 12.5′ x 7.5′!).

Waveline Pop Up Displays3. Interlocking Pole w/Pillowcase Graphic

While some people may not technically call these ‘pop up displays,’ we feel the name still fits because of the general size and ease of setup, as well as the ability of the hardware to disassemble into a fraction of it’s fully set-up size.  These pop up displays, of which the Waveline and Formulate series are the most prominent, make use of lightweight but sturdy aluminum poles that lock together to create an internal skeleton.  Over this skeleton is pulled a fabric graphic (called a ‘pillowcase’ graphic) that zips up to enclose the hardware entirely.  The main benefit of these pop up displays is the divergent shapes that are able to be accomplished, such as sleek S-curves and waves.

As always, we love to assist our customers with finding the display that will be exactly right for their purposes.  If you need any help at all, please reach out today to one of our friendly project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!

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