Increase Your “Hospitality Level” With Trade Show Furniture

Using Trade Show Furniture To Drive Traffic To Your Booth

Trade Show FurnitureWe here at APG Exhibits speak often in our blogs and other communications about what we tend to notice when walking around trade show floors.  This is an important aspect to examine because if we notice a product having a positive effect on the overall impression given off by an exhibitor’s booth, that nearly always translates into additional traffic, which translates into additional business.  One of the things we’ve taken note of recently is the “Hospitality Level” that is portrayed by a given exhibit area.  Some trade show booths have a certain intangible warmth and accompanying feeling of “welcome” that subliminally yet naturally pulls in visitors walking past that area.  This particular intangible is composed of quite a few elements, but one that we’ve seen contributing quite significantly is the use of trade show furniture.

Trade show furniture, when used properly, can convey an exhibitor’s openness and willingness to engage with potential visitors in a relaxed, calm manner. Many folks that we’ve talked to often feel intimidated or unsure about walking into some trade show booth spaces for fear of being simply a lead to be “sold to,” or unnecessarily detained while the exhibitor goes on endlessly about their products/services.  By providing show-goers with a space to sit down and relax, you have already taken the biggest step towards making your potential customers comfortable and open to engagement.

There are quite a few types of trade show furniture on the market; many of them are just stock, standard chairs/stools, which are useful yet incredibly basic.  Lately we have taken towards furniture that can be additionally branded to help achieve even greater brand cohesion in your trade show space.  These types include office furniture that compliments your exhibit as well as director’s chairs, which can carry your logo to reinforce brand recognition while still fulfilling their main task of providing a place to sit.

If you have any questions about the APG Exhibits trade show furniture selection, we encourage you to get in contact with one of our knowledgable project coordinators today via phone, email, or live chat.  We’d love to help your booth’s Hospitality Level go through the roof at your next show!

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