NEW from APG Exhibits: The 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display!

The 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display

APG Exhibits has just created a much sought after display after hearing your requests: a 20ft backlit display with media integration! The 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display is a fantastic new option for exhibiters that require a monitor mount for media integration but don’t want to sacrifice the “pop” of a backlit display.

Vector Backlit Media Display

The 20 FT Vector Lightbox Media Display is an eye-catching display that features back lighting and media integration. The side (angled) panels are both backlit. The center panel hosts a monitor mount. The 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display features durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frames, seamless push-fit backlit fabric graphics, and LED edge lighting. LED lights come adhered to the frame, making set-up as simple as assembling the frames, applying the push-fit graphics and plugging in the electrical cord! 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display is ideal for use in retail, event, corporate and trade show environments as an illuminated messaging solution.

Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Modular Display

Another great feature of the Vector Lightbox Media display is that it is modular! You can arrange the panels into a corner booth shape as seen above. Or you can simply remove a panel and you will be set for a 10′ booth! Arrange the panels however you like! No matter your needs or booth size, you can make it work with this awesome trade show display.

The importance of (back)lighting

One crucial aspect of trade show displays that all too often gets overlooked is the lighting. Brightly lit trade show displays are seen as more welcoming and inviting than poorly lit displays. Foregoing lighting can make your booth look “closed” and less inviting than a properly lit booth. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure your booth is bright and open for business! One of the newest innovations in trade show lighting is the backlit display. These displays come with lights either preinstalled or as installable separate lights that attach to the frame. Then you simply add your graphic overtop as normal and you are ready to go!

20ft Vector Frame Lightbox Backlit Media

20' Vector Lightbox Media Backliy DisplayOCH2 Hard Shipping CaseVector Lightbox Backlit lightingVector Backlit Media SEG Graphic


The 20ft Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display includes:

  • (2)100mm silver extrusion frames (1) 50mm extrusion frame that supports monitor
  • (3) Single single-sided SEG push-fit fabric graphics
  • Monitor Mount so you can integrate media directly into your back wall
  • 2 OCH2 molded cases for transport or storage

20 Foot Vector Lightbox Media Backlit Display

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