Using Swooper Flags To Drive Retail Traffic

Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Incorporate Popular Swooper Flags For Increased Visibility

Swooper FlagsJust like that, the holidays are upon us, and with them comes one of the most important stretches of time during any retailer’s year.  A major retail trade group recently predicted that sales this holiday season would increase by a robust 3.9%, which comes out to just over $600 billion!  Anyone owning a retail business of any kind is of course eager to grab as big a slice of that pie as possible, and we at APG Exhibits have noticed swooper flags – also known as bow flags and feather flags – being used more and more for these retail purposes.  Over the past few years, swooper flags have gained a huge amount of popularity in retail circles, and the reasons for this are many.  Feather flags fit all the criteria of a high-ROI product:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily installed
  • Highly visible
  • Cost-effective
  • Able to be used in series to communicate a vast array of messages

Swooper flags are also incredibly versatile in that they can be used on almost any surface through use of either a ground stake or a weighted X-base.  Additionally, there have been some recent advancements in design/technology for these display world stalwarts that make them even more useful for exhibitors and retailers alike.  There is now a premium series of uniquely-shaped flags that completely up the visual ante and are available in shapes like shields, leaves, darts, and more.  Also available are new hardware kits that allow swooper flags to be attached nearly anywhere in your retail establishment, both indoors and out.

If deciding to move forward with the purchase of any bow flags, make sure to focus on your graphic design to ensure that it works with your overall goals.  The first decision to make is whether you want all of the graphics to be the same (your logo for example), or if you want to use varied copy on each flag to advertise a particular sale or product.  Either way, the best swooper flag designs are simple and clean while efficiently communicating the chosen message.  You do not want to inundate your potential customers with over-abundance of design elements, which can often lead to the intended message being obscured.  If you have any particular concerns, please feel free to run them past one of our experience graphic designers by contacting us via phone, email, or live chat.  APG Exhibits is here to make your 2013 holiday season the best you and your business have ever had.  Reach out today!


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