Making The Jump To The Big Leagues, Part 1: Custom Tension Fabric Displays

Set Yourself Apart With Tension Fabric Displays Crafted To Your Exact Specifications

Custom Tension Fabric DisplaysWhen walking through a typical trade show exhibition floor, it’s easy to quickly divide booth areas into two distinct categories: standard and unique.  Standard booths normally have a similar look to each other and utilize familiar elements, such as pop up displays, retractable banner stands, generic counters, etc.  There is certainly nothing wrong with these booths, and if constructed properly they are still highly effective at driving traffic.  Unique booths, on the other hand, are just that: unique.  They have specifically designed structures arranged in a precise manner and often feature components that are unlike anything else on the floor.  These are the booths that generate real interest and, in turn, more business.  Today, we start a 3-part blog series dedicated to examining ways of making that leap from “standard” to “unique,” and our first focal point is on custom tension fabric displays.

Tension fabric displays are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for creating dynamic trade show booths that stand out among all the rest.  They are able to achieve shapes not previously possible through the use of lightweight (yet extremely sturdy) aluminum tubing/extrusions, over which dye-sublimated fabric graphics are stretched.  Since the tubes simply make up a “skeleton” for the graphics to fit over, these displays are able to collapse down to a fraction of their fully-setup size, making transportation easier and cheaper than ever before.

The knit polyester material used for the graphics on tension fabric displays also carries many benefits over more traditional substrates like vinyl and PVC.  It is able to fold down very compactly and any wrinkles resulting from storage are typically a non-issue since the wrinkles are usually eliminated by the stretching of the fabric over the aluminum framing.  Best of all, the fabric is easy to clean and comes at a cheaper cost than competing materials.

The main benefit of custom tension fabric displays, however, comes by the fact that nearly anything is possible.  With few exceptions, if you can dream it, we can make it.  Towering cylinders, dramatic curves, and customized informational stations – all fully able to boldly display your brand – are just a few of the possibilities.  To illustrate the full potential of these displays, we have created a gallery of completely custom designs that you can use as a starting point for brain-storming.  Everything seen in our custom tension fabric displays gallery can easily be crafted or adjusted to suit your particular needs.

We would love to help you craft the trade show booth of your dreams, so if you’re ready to make the jump to the “big leagues,” contact one of our custom project specialists today via phone, email, or live chat and start on your way to making those dreams come true!

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