Pop Up Tents Make An Instant Outdoor Display

Create your brand’s exhibit space instantly with pop up tents

                                     ZOOM-20-BW-2T Don’t waste one minute getting your outdoor display set up and operational. If you showcase your products and ideas at an outdoor event, you simply need to use pop up tents to do it. The latest technology that goes into these engineering marvels will let a pair of people set up even a 10 x 20 foot tent as shown on the right in several minutes. In addition to the light weight and the relatively small size (smaller tents will easily fold up small enough to fit in the back seat of most cars).

Don’t let the speed these pop up tents go up fool you into thinking they are sub-par on quality; they are simply stunning. One of my favorite improvements in the design of these tents is how the tension on the top is usually adjustable with a crank handle; no longer do they use a dozen or more rubber bands pulling all the way around on the edge. That older design would constantly stretch the canvas and over time it would get more and more distorted. With the new design, you can just snug it up so it’s taught but not being stretched to a new size every time.

There are many pop up tents available today, you can start your research right here at APG Exibits.

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