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Advice for Social Distancing and Safely Reopening

This is where we have compiled the most up-to-date information regarding safe social distancing and re-opening best practices. This is an ever-changing situation and we are working hard to bring the best, most applicable information to our clients. CDC guidelines recommend social distancing and the wearing of masks while the pandemic is still ongoing.

PPE Protective Equipment

Advice can be found for the wearing of PPE such as face masks. This includes information on safely reopening schools and guides for reopening restaurants and other businesses. Where possible, other precautions such as protective barrier partitions and sneeze guards should be used.

Stay Safe and Informed

It is important for everyone to do their part to reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Know what precautions you need to take as well as the tools to help you reopen your school or business.

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Guidelines for Safely Reopening Schools

Safeguard students and teachers this coming school year with PPE. It is as yet unclear whether schools will reopen as normal for the Fall 2020 school year. However one...

Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

Retail sneeze guard partition walls offer fantastic social distancing dividers that can be custom-branded with your logo or artwork. These retail sneeze guards are...