Complete your Branding Trade Show Booth Accessories

Booth Accessories Are the Finishing Touches for Branding Your Trade Show Exhibit.

Don’t leave your booth plain and simple. Spruce up your exhibit with some booth accessories. 

Once you have a cohesive branding plan, expand your brand onto some additional trade show accessories in your trade show space. Here are some options to consider from the APG site:

Trade Show Lighting

Lighting is a very effective way to improve the appearance of your exhibit space. Ever wonder why professional photographers make you look so good? Lighting is a huge part of that. Adding the right lighting to your trade show booth will really make it stand out from the crowd.

Trade Show Display KioskiPad and Display Kiosks

With touch-screen and flat-panel displays increasing in popularity, they are becoming important booth accessories to consider, especially if you have a product that needs video or 3D to demonstrate effectively. These could be the best way to improve your status among attendees of the exhibition. There are some really sleek, modern designs that work with either iPad/tablet or with full size flat-panel displays. Some displays even work with both!

Portable Event Flooring

Your space will really stand out when you use portable event flooring. It’s not for everybody, but if it fits in your budget, it’s a fantastic way to be different from.

Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show giveaways are a favorite for anyone attending a trade show. Who doesn’t love a trinket with some useful longevity? From USB thumb drives to mouse pads, or microfiber cloths with your brand, there are hundreds of giveaways to chose from. Booth accessories don’t have to be things that stay at your booth. They can be things you give away to exhibitors.

Literature Racks

Trade Show Literature Racks

If your product, brand, or mission is best displayed in pamphlet, booklet, or postcard, don’t settle for a pile of papers in a box or sitting on the counter. Get a proper literature rack. There are several to choose from. Some stand on the floor while others hang on your back wall system. These are helpful for attracting attendees to your booth to interact with your staff.

Cases And Bags

One of my favorite booth accessories is the case to counter combination. Genius! The case that holds your back wall easily turns into a podium style counter with an optional branded graphic wrap. That’s just plain common sense! This way, you don’t need to find a place to stash the case, and you have more space to hold your consumables.

I hope that this post helps you discover new ways to improve your branding space in your trade show exhibit. For more information, follow this link.


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