Need a 10 x 10 Booth? Jump Start Your Space With A Kit Or Backwall

Get a head start in designing your 10 x 10 booth with the right backwall or display kit

Here are some examples of the basics of your small 10 x 10 booth. You want to design a cohesive branding solution, no matter what pieces of hardware and graphics you are using. Do your research, and get all your pieces of the puzzle figured out, having a good plan before you start is always wise. You will almost certainly want to start with a backwall solution and here are a few good examples.

10 x 10 Booth Kits10 x 10 booth kit (complete with counter)

Most booth kits typically include a matching backwall and counter or table to set in front of the booth. Some of these kits are very clever and the pop-up podium style counter is actually the shipping case that holds the backwall. How ingenious is that?

These are especially helpful for a company that is just starting out in trade show marketing, and the prices are very reasonable on starting units like the 10 x 10 booth shown on the right. The wood floor is not included and is intended to show the footprint size. Portable event flooring can be purchased separately. The floor option is highly recommend if you have the budget for it, because most booths will not have it. How better to stand out than to not be in the majority or the average?

HOP-4x3-BKLT-2TBacklit Backwalls

These are a favorite because they really shine, literally. These backwalls get their glow in a way similar to menu and logo signs for a convenient stores and fast-food restaurants. They use a translucent graphic in front of fluorescent tube lighting to create an attrative glow. These backlit displays use more advanced LED backlighting that stays cool and fabric that is specifically designed to be lit from behind. Costs for this type of backwall system do start at a higher cost of a non-illuminated backwall, but they are engineered to last. They are definitely worth the price.

The smaller size of this type of backwall is designed specifically for a 10 x 10 both, so even if you are in a small footprint you can still stand out if you have the budget for the high-end display. This is a great way to make the most of a smaller space. They are thicker than a flat backwall so they take up a little more of your square footage, which is something to consider when planning your booth.

Collage Backwall for 10 x 10 boothCollage Backwalls

These are awesome 10 x 10 booths, because they are so versatile. With shelving built right into the backwall and so many panels for graphics, they are as limitless as your own imagination. They collapse into a very compact bundle for easy transport and storage, and they expand almost as quickly to ensure man hours are not wasted setting up.

The structure of the backwall is intended to be part of the design, like a geodesic dome. It’s beautiful because of the clever lightweight engineering that goes into it and unlike many of the hop up displays, this style does not hide the wonderful engineering it embraces it. It is a nice solution because less space is taken up with your booth, giving you a little more space for people and product. The example shown here is specifically designed to fit nicely into a 10 x 10 booth, but they come in all sizes.

The backwall is only the basis of your booth

Don’t forget that you aren’t selling your backwall. You need to make sure that it is just a piece of the puzzle. Use it as a tool to start out your exhibition space but use it as a tool to draw attention to your brand not to the hardware itself. Think of all those TV commercials that are entertaining but you can’t remember the product a minute later, you want to avoid that situation when designing your exhibition space.

You can continue research more on 10 x 10 booths here.

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