Trade Shows You Have Never Attended

Carnie Trade Show

Carnie Trade Show

APG Tradeshow Displays has helped customers build and design unique trade show booths for a wide range of trade shows. However, these trade shows are not as common or easy to find as trade shows you normally think of.  Typically, a trade show will be held in a large indoor facility with enough room for dozens or hundreds of 10′ x 20′ trade show booths.  Attendees will mill around the area visiting booths with eye catching displays and product samples and interest them. However, there are many other ways you can set up a trade show and many different kinds.

Virtual Trade Shows

Online trade shows are very similar to the trade show I described above.  The only difference is, everything is online. Attendees sign in and enter a virtual main hall.  From here they can find conference rooms where attendees can watch webcasts or live video from real trade shows. There is also an exhibit hall with virtual booths and online booth representatives. Some online trade shows have a “lounge” area where virtual attendees can network with each other through online chats or scheduled discussions.  Exhibitors and attendees can even create personal avatars to represent themselves.

Conspiracy Con

Is the Matrix real, and what really happened on 9/11? These are just a few of the questions Conspiracy Con hopes to answer.  The goal of this trade show is to, “directly expose and analyze the ‘real’ problems and the ‘real’ problem-makers of yesterday, today and tomorrow, as well as to provide courses of action and potential solutions to the challenges that are placed upon humankind by these forces, which (for the moment) may seem invisible, perpetual and insurmountable.” Brian Hall began Conspiracy Con in 2001 and has been actively involved in the conspiracy community.

Carnie Trade Show

Although the goal of this trade show is to sell carnival and circus supplies and equipment to other businesses, the Carnie Trade Show has become an event for all carnival and circus lovers.  It’s almost like its own carnival! There are rides, food, fundraisers and an array of unique visitors. This is a trade show that feels more like fun than business, and it’s open to the general public.

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