Trade Show Banners: Quality And Best Price Counts

Research your trade show banners carefully, many vendors offer a stripped down low quality material.

Mosquito 800 Trade Show Banners • APG Exhibits

Unless you plan to use your trade show banners only a few times, it is well worth the added price to get quality material like a premium curl-free vinyl or even dye-sub fabric. Many of the websites we have researched will have an unbelievably low price for their trade show banners, but then will up-sell you to a premium material saying they ‘recommend it’. We recommend starting off with a minimum of premium curl-free vinyl for any trade show banners. We also recommend avoiding shady vendors that use bait-n-switch to suck you in and charge you more in the end for the same product.

On the left is an example of a very basic but very cost effective retractable trade show banner stand. A typical price online may be $160-180, when including premium anti-curl vinyl. A very good (nigh unbeatable price) will be anything below $130, but you will find many cases of vendors offering this same model by name for $55 or less (because they are only selling the base). I would consider that a bait and switch tactic as well as the more common one (of offering with graphics but low-quality). I’ve seen this model of trade show banners selling for $99 and was shocked to see such a mind-blowing price, until i looked a little deeper and found out that was for a PAPER banner! The ‘options’ menu had a pull down for ‘premium anti-curl vinyl, add $50 (recommended)’, so basically they were doing a classic bait and switch to get you to look at their site over a more reputable site that doesn’t even offer the low quality banner material.

If you are looking for quality at a good price you need to look no farther than right here.