Signage – The Key To a Successful Trade Show Booth

Participating in a trade show is an excellent marketing strategy as it will provide tremendous visibility for your company and its services or products with a great trade show booth.  The exposure a trade show offers is a great way to make valuable contacts, generate leads, increase sales and expand your business.  It is also a perfect opportunity to stay aware of industry trends and new products. There is a great deal of traffic at a trade show, and the aim is for your target audience to be attracted to your trade show booth like a magnet. You will want the first impression your audience gets to imprint an image that will be long remembered.  When designing your display booth the exhibit materials you select – sizes, configurations, color and design, should be dynamic and engaging to draw your audience in.

Creating an Effective Trade Show Booth

Trade show signage is a key ingredient to the success and effectiveness of your trade show booth.  Design requirements should include marketing needs, budget and positioning to gain the most attention.  You will want your signs to attract potential clients from across the trade show floor, and then also to be intriguing and alluring.  Some of the most popular types of trade show signage are: 1) Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners are an important addition to a display booth.  Full color graphic design banners can be positioned above your booth and suspended from the ceiling, where they will be visible from nearly all parts of the trade show floor.  Banners can be customized to whatever rectangular sizes you need, and can be kept in place with grommets or velcro.  Banners are also great to hang on walls and table skirts, are very durable, and can be used indoors or out.  2) PP and PVC Banners – These types of banners are similar to vinyl but are less durable and typically used indoors only.  The PP banner is made of a thin plastic film with an opaque surface which gives your artwork a unique look.  PVC banners are thicker and more durable than PP, and your artwork will appear vibrant and impressive.  3) Foam Board Prints – Foam boards can be custom printed and die cut to any size and shape.  Foam boards can be used on the ground and on table tops with the support of metal and cardboard stands.  4) Flag & Pole – There are several different designs available in flag banners with display poles to display company logos or other product designs and artwork.  Teardrop flags, block flags, feather flags and other custom flags come with a durable flagpole and a flag banner that is typically a full color dye sublimation with vivid colors that won’t fade.  You have the choice of single or double-sided printed artwork.

Design and layout of a trade show booth, including all signage, should be done well in advance to allow for customization, preparation and delivery.  There are many options for artwork display so it is important to understand the different types of trade show signage and make choices based on your budget and what will work best for your company.  A well-designed booth will go a long way in portraying a professional image, gaining the exposure you want and having a successful trade show experience.

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