Add Trade Show Accessories to Your Exhibit for a Bigger Impact




We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the little things that count,” and many of us take the saying seriously, whether we are adding accessories to an outfit or adding finishing touches to a gift or business card. However, accessories aren’t just for decorating clothes, gifts and stationary. Trade show accessories may not be first thing you think of when shopping for a trade show booth, however it’s a very important consideration. Trade show accessories can make a big difference between a dull display that is easily passed over and a bright, vibrant display that attracts hundreds of trade show attendees.

What Kind of Trade Show Accessories are Available?

Just compare the two trade show displays here. Can you see what a difference the lights, counter and monitor mount make? You may not be able to tell in this image, but the blue trade show display also has small literature racks where the company an keep brochures and pamphlets. Many of these trade show accessories are extremely affordable too. Check out some of the lighting solutions on the APG website. Lighting solutions begin at just $50 with universal attachment kits to fit on nearly any trade show display.

Trade show accessories don’t end with lighting. You can find dozens of trade show accessories on One of the most helpful trade show accessories, is the hard shipping case that doubles as a counter. Not only does this item help you ship your trade show booth from one convention to another, it can be used for counter space in your trade show exhibit! This is a great place to keep some of your organization’s literature or use as a meeting place to speak with other trade show attendees. However, if you plan on bringing several pieces of literature you may want to look at some of the literature rack on the APG website.

If these trade show accessories aren’t showy enough for you, see the iPad displays and monitor kiosks available online. These let you add multimedia displays to your trade show booth to attract more visitors with videos, apps and more! The Hybrid Banner iPad Display, shown on the right  is one of APG’s top selling trade show accessories. The iPad/banner combo is very attractive and is an efficient use of space.

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