Bring on the Summer Heat, Pop Up Tents Will Have you Covered


Pop Up Tents

Pop Up Tents are Perfect for Fighting the Elements at Outdoor Events


The blistering summer sun and spontaneous rainfall can make summer outdoor events a challenge without pop up tents. Your booth staff and event attendees need protection from the elements and pop up tents are a great way to provide protection while displaying your logo and brand message. Pop up tents range in a variety of sizes from 10′ x 10′ to 20′ x 20′.  The ideal tent will give you enough room for your booth staff and visiting attendees. Whether your event is on a sunny or rainy day, attendees will appreciate having the option to step out of the elements under a tent cover.

Aire Cap Pop Up Tents


The tent size that works for you will vary depending on the amount of event space you have and the size of the event itself. Be sure to consider the number of attendees that are expected to arrive and how many of those attendees will visit your trade show booth during peak hours. You want to make sure your pop up tent will not become too crowded during peak hours or appear too empty during slower times.

You may also want to consider a few additions to your pop up tent, like feather flags, back walls and side walls, or outdoor banners. All of these items can add to your branding space and attract attention to your trade show booth. Adding a back wall to your tent can not only provide additional branding space, it can also serve as additional protection from sun and rain.


APG Exhibits is also adding a new line of pop up tents and inflatable tents to give companies a chance to create a unique outdoor display that will stand out from the competition. The new Aire-Cap Inflatable Tent is a new product that can give your outdoor display a fun look and atmosphere. This tent, unlike conventional PVC – inflatables can withstand heavy usage and is extremely durable. Its tough canvas like outer shell make this designer line of furniture perfect for any occasion. Keep your eyes peeled for more of our new outdoor displays. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date on all APG Tradeshow Display news including new products, promotions and more!


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