Backpack Flags and Banner Stands Move Your Brand

Mobile Signage with Backpack Flags and Banners

Have you ever seen people on the side of the road slinging wooden signs on the side of the road to attract customers to nearby businesses? If you haven’t it might be because there aren’t any in your area. These sign slingers undoubtedly catch divers attention. Since they always need to be on the look out for pedestrians, drivers are keenly aware of people near the street. Add a spinning sign to a pedestrian near a red light and BAM, every driver will take a look!



APG Exhibits is taking this concept of human signage to the trade show world. New backpack flags and mobile banner stands are helping companies make their brand mobile at trade shows and outdoor events. With the mobility of backpack flags and banner stands, you are no longer trapped in your 10′ x 10′ trade show booth. You can send your staff out into the the middle of an event with a large feather flag or banner stand display and pamphlets to hand out. Your staff member can direct more traffic to your booth by showing attendees where your booth is and pointing out your logo on the backpack flags. This is a particularly good idea during slower hours of the event. Some attendees may only be walking around aimlessly at an event, but if you send out a staff member with a backpack flag, he or she can give those attendees direction straight to your booth.

How to Use a Backpack Flag


With backpack flags, not only are you able to display your brand in a much larger area, you’re also able to send a spokesperson who can answer any questions and ensure that your brand message is clearly communicated to trade show attendees. An engaging person can do much more than a standard sign. A staff members with backpack flags can entertain, inform and direct people in the direction you want them to go – straight to your company.

The most important part of your backpack flags is the person who is wearing it. It takes an outgoing, and maybe a bit quirky person to wear your backpack flags well. This person needs to be comfortable around others with a charismatic personality and friendly demeanor. This is a job for someone who just likes to have fun and talk to people. So choose your spokesperson carefully, or your backpack flags will not be a good investment.

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