3 Steps to Save Money on Your Trade Show Exhibit

When it comes to saving on your trade show exhibit, there should always be a game plan. You need to map out your priorities in accordance to what costs are going to end up being the most beneficial for the least money. This measure of the value of your costs will set you up for spending the least, and get the most bang for your buck.

Trade Show Exhibit Saving Tips

3 steps in specific are going to help you do just that, saving the most money on your next trade show exhibit.

1. Buy your display from APG Exhibits.

Of course we would say that, right? But there is a reason.  Compare our Curved Display kit at $900 with our competitor’s for more than $2,000!  Not Even this competitor comes close! We at APG Exhibits promise quality at the most competitive of prices, as we understand trade shows are about making money, not losing it. So we give you the most economic value by making the trade show exhibit and accessories not only affordable, but last a lifetime (lifetime warranties are given on almost all of our products, to back this motto).

2. Use what you already have.

Many times, your team will be able to scrounge up a good amount of props for your trade show exhibit from what you already jointly have. For example, you can likely find nice chairs and foldable tables (cover with matching table covers to your display for best look) at the office lying around or in the utility closet (normally being used for events, etc.).

Also, you can get really creative, if staff members are comfortable with it. Have staff members bring items from home to give the exhibit a cozy touch (a great way to draw in booth visitors). Ideas for recycled decorations include: rugs, flower vases, candy dishes and a water pitcher (try to match or have a theme for uniformity and professionalism purposes).

Don’t have available items from the office or your staff’s homes? Not a problem, there are stores like IKEA and Hobby Lobby which have great, cheap options for your decorative imagination to run wild!

3. Attract a crowd the economical way.

How do you do so, one may ask? With style of course. Ever heard the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”? Well this saying rings true with trade show exhibits as well. Yes, the high tech, expensive and intricate trade show exhibits by the companies with the big bucks subsequently attract big crowds. BUT, so can well-done economic trade show exhibits with the right touch! Your team can reel in just as many, if not more booth visitors with the right attitude and display to steal the show from competitors. A successful way to do so is with plenty of energy, fun smiles, laughs and great greeters in front of your exhibit. You can also attract visitors with an interactive game! Popular crowd-pleasers include versions of Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right! All easy games to put together at a small budget (laminated construction paper with typed labels does the trick– affordable and clean-cut). They are also easy to theme around your business, hence not only attracting the crowd, but also informing them about your products! This win-win plan should be finished off with cheap giveaways such as candy or office supplies (pens, stress balls, etc.), with company labels on them as reminders of your company. Find affordable, customized promotional giveaways on the APG Exhibits website.

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