Category - Booth Display Kits

Nearly all exhibitors looking to build a trade show booth will at one time o another look at pre-existing trade show booth display kits. There are a number of great reasons to research these pre-built booth display kits to help save you time and money when developing your booth space. Often, exhibitors feel they need to either custom fabricate a booth to stand out from the crowd or they go the other way and simply buy one back wall display and call it a day. Neither of these methods are wrong, however there are hundreds of booth display kits that can fit your exhibiting needs and goals that give you the look and feel of a custom exhibit while upping the ante on simply throwing up a back wall display with your company logo. Many of these kits can feature elements such as; case-to-counters (turns your shipping case into a counter with a custom wrap with your design), trade show booth lighting, custom trade show flooring, integrated media mounts, backlit graphics and much more. We have written dozens of articles to help exhibits choose a trade show booth display kit that fits their budget and goals.

Accessories for Trade Show Truss Displays

Trade show truss displays are the perfect host for accessories. Do to the open nature of the visible skeleton of the trade show truss systems, they are perfect host for...