Accessories for Trade Show Truss Displays

Trade show truss displays are the perfect host for accessories.

Do to the open nature of the visible skeleton of the trade show truss systems, they are perfect host for adding accessories, they almost are primarily for hosting accessories and secondarily host graphic panels to act as your booth frame and backwall. Obviously made of metal and tubular with cross-members there are a myriad of convenient attachment point to which many items can be added.

Attached Tables

Most trade show truss systems have the attached table accessory. As shown in the picture; typically they attach directly to the frame and have no footprint on the floor saving you valuable trade show floor space. You will usually have a choice of what color the table top is, and assembly naturally taps into the solid locking interconnects designed into the trade show truss displays’ metal skeleton.

Attached ShelvesTrade Show Truss Displays Shelf

Shelving is another key ingredient to trade show truss systems; almost all kits include some form of attached shelving as shown in the picture. They are adjustable to suit your needs and of course optional in the case you don’t need it, even if just some times for some events, very versatile is the rule with truss systems! There is another type of shelving that goes right inside the wall space between the truss work, you can see an example right here.

Monitor Mounts

Of course the inherent strength of trade show truss displays make them perfect for hosting monitor mounts. there are many different ways to mount a monitor on a truss system, the best way to get an idea of the choices is to browse the different truss system kits right here. 

trade show truss displays podium counterStand Alone Tables, Counters

Naturally the creators of these amazing display systems wouldn’t leave you without having the option of a matching counter or podium type of table you can move where you want. They come apart for shipping & storage. The podiums and counters are fabricated from the same parts as complete trade show truss displays so they are way overbuilt. You may pay more for a counter of this type but it’s a case of you get what you pay for!

Come look at the custom gallery for ideas and see many of the accessories and how they are used. If you think you are ready to move up to the world of truss displays, you can browse them right here at APG Exhibits.

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