Informational Display Signage for Your Business

Things are changing quickly around us and the need for information and connection has skyrocketed with more people staying home. Something as simple as a trip to the grocery store has become a topic of confusion for many, especially with new rules and requirements that vary per business. At APG Exhibits we have the answer for your changing signage needs, including informational display signage for your business.

Setting Up for Success

Custom signage is a must-have for any business, big or small. APG Exhibits is dedicated to bringing you a way to connect to customers, patients, coworkers, employees, and more with our Retractable Banner Stands and Roll Up Banners. Signage naturally increases visibility! It is now easier than ever to convey changes and updates for your business in mere seconds. These signs can be a great help when it comes to informing customers of one way traffic through aisles, or alerting them to changes in safety requirements. Additionally, these Banner Stands can be a great resource for testing facilities and save workers valuable time. And so with the right signage we can minimize exposure and promote social distancing.

Budget Friendly Informational Display Signage

An increased demand for communication doesn’t have to mean outrageous costs to keep up. APG Exhibits makes it simple and affordable to keep your signage up to the minute! Our banners are available in every shape and size make it easy to swap your custom graphics as needed. You can set them up in seconds flat and move them to different locations with ease. Both fabric and vinyl options are available in a variety of adjustable heights. We have the most budget friendly banner stands and indoor signage in the business, all without compromising quality. It is easier than ever to get your message out there, and we’ll deliver it right to your door!

Your Banner, Your Design

You don’t have to be a seasoned Photoshop pro to take on your own signage graphics. APG Exhibits has a team of designers who can help you start from scratch, or take your idea across the finish line. Send us a print-ready file, or let us do the heavy lifting for your informational display signage. The choice is yours! We’re here to help you advertise new procedures and store hours, or remind customers to keep six feet apart at checkout.

Informational Display Signage from APG Exhibits

Contactless Communication

With the needs of businesses evolving rapidly around us, informative signage can make all the difference. Let people know where to go and how to make their experience with your business a success. Making a good impression during difficult times will help you build customer loyalty and keep people coming back! Want to remind people to have ID ready for a testing facility, or inform customers of a product’s limited availability? Informational display signage is the perfect way to keep your employees safe, and things running smoothly. No more muffled monologues from behind a face mask. With our signage, it goes without saying! So whether you’re looking for a competitive edge, or looking to give your customers a heads up, APG Exhibits has the solution.

APG Exhibits is proud to work diligently for its customers through the global pandemic by providing the products you need at the lowest possible cost. We are also working to provide items like face masks, hand sanitizer dispensers and gel packs, as well as isolation tents and outdoor signage. You can read more about our new products here. We look forward to working with you through these difficult times, and we will be here when you need us as trade shows return!

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