NEW Essential Back To Work Kits!

As Stay At Home Orders lift and the danger of infection gradually decreases, people are beginning to return to their offices around the country. For some, this may mean long hours of wearing an uncomfortable mask and having to wash their hands constantly to avoid putting themselves and others at risk. Luckily, APG Exhibits has been working diligently to ensure that your return to work is both safe and seamless.

Face Masks

Whether you commute to the office, or work in the retail or food service industry, protection and prevention are top concerns. Things like face masks and hand sanitizer can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. In addition to other COVID-19 resources, APG Exhibits is now offering a series of kits designed specifically to keep you and your workers safe, and promote your brand! These kits include custom branded face masks, either one imprinted color, a fully-printed mask, or a KN95 mask to keep you comfortable for long hours. Safety comes first, and preparing your business to open to the public can require some creativity. Masks are the perfect way to allow your staff to cater to patrons in outdoor dining areas, greet them at the drive-through, or make contactless deliveries right to your customers’ doors. The best part is that our printed masks are fully washable and can be reused every day. Not only is it a more sustainable option than paper masks, but keeping them clean is easier than ever.

Hand Sanitizer

Each kit also includes a 1oz bottle of personal hand sanitizer with a space for your company logo, or artwork. These bottles of sanitizer are a must-have if you share communal office spaces, or come in contact with customers on a regular basis. They are small enough to fit in your pocket, and perfect for on-the-go use. Stop digging around in your purse for that little bottle you thought you’d saved from 2009! Sanitize your hands after a trip to the grocery store, or avoid communal sinks at the office. These mini hand sanitizer bottles are perfect giveaways for any business, to both customers and employees!

Lip Balm

Lip balm is another must-have if you and your employees spend long hours in a face mask. Our kits come with the option of lip balm in tons of flavors that will let you add a personal touch to your giveaways—along with a space for your company logo! And to keep things organized, we’re including an EVB bag that you can use to store the contents of the kit, or use for gloves and other PPE.

Back to Work Kit115

This kit is perfect for getting your employees back to the office safely. The fully-printed mask can be branded with your company logo, or other artwork, and can be machine washed for everyday use. The mini hand sanitizer can also be branded, and is the perfect solution for the break room, or to keep each employee safe on their morning commute. Everything comes complete in an EVA bag for easy storage! These kits start as low as $8.79 each with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

Back to Work Kit116

This kit is an excellent option for retail and food service workers who spend several hours wearing a mask each day. In addition to a fully-printed fabric mask and a bottle of sanitizer, this kit comes with lip balm to keep employees refreshed during their shift. The different flavor options allow you to customize this kit to the fullest, and add a little something extra to show your appreciation These kits start as low as $9.49 each with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

Back to Work Kit117

While a fully-printed kit might be a little out of budget, this imprinted kit is perfect for companies with a single color logo. Each kit comes with a single color imprinted mask, sanitizer, and EVA bag. This makes for an amazing giveaway to customers, or the perfect “welcome back” gift for employees! These kits start as low as $8.29 each with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

Back to Work Kit118

For the perfect touch of customization at an affordable price, this kit wraps a one color imprinted mask, sanitizer, and lip balm all into one sweet package! This kit is a wallet-smart option for giveaways, and contains all the must-haves for returning to a retail or food service environment. These kits start as low as $8.99 each with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

Back to Work Kit119

This kit combines the personalization of a printed sanitizer bottle with the safety of a KN95 mask. Made from medical grade materials, these masks provide optimal comfort with the added bonus of being disposable. Keep your employees fresh and comfortable in more sterile work environments, like a biotech lab, or testing facility. These kits start as low as $5.49 each with a minimum order quantity of 300 units.

Back to Work Kit120

The addition of a printed lip balm sets this kit apart, and lets you add just that little something extra to your giveaways. This kit comes complete with a KN95 face mask, printed sanitizer bottle, and printed lip balm. Nothing says “Welcome Back” like the personalized touch of branded safety equipment! These kits start as low as $6.19 each with a minimum order quantity of 300 units.

APG Exhibits’ Response to Coronavirus

With so many options available at the best prices on the market, APG Exhibits has you covered as your company resumes regular business hours. Shop our other sanitizer products, or check out our other COVID-19 resources to get your business back up and running again!

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