Choosing a Pop Up Display that Will Really Stand Out

When it comes to purchasing a portable pop up display stand for trade shows and events on the road, a business owner has to know what to look for. You need a pop up display that is going to stand out, that can easily be seen by the event attendants and something that is easy to set up, and take down at the end of the event. If possible, you should also look for a pop up display that allows you to add things, modify colors, or include electronics to the mix, so you can appeal to your audiences at any trade show event.

The Size.

You have to find a display that is easy to fold up and take down, yet is large enough to truly get noticed at any event you attend as a business. You will find that there are several display stands, and different material options, which are going to allow you to find a pop up display stand that is lightweight and portable, yet is large and can easily be seen from any corner of a room during the trade show event.



Depending on the type of trade show, you should also look for the pop up display that allows you to add things on to it. From TV monitors, or electronic devices, these things can attract crowds. So, you have to look for a stand that is basic enough and easy enough to take with you to any show, yet allows you to add things, mix things up, and create a unique booth, for each trade show you will attend.


You need a booth that is going to stand out, and the right colors will do it for you. Look for something fun and colorful. Something that will trump the competitors close by to your booth, while still relating to your company. Neutral is generally not going to cut it. You want colors designs and fun features, that will make the booth stand out when set up in any trade show.


Options and accessories for a Pop Up Display.

Depending on the show, and type of audience you are trying to sell to at any trade show, you will have to add on certain accessories, to draw visitors to your booth. So, when selecting the pop up display, you will find that there are various portable kits to choose from. Of course, those that include accessories and attachments will cost more, but they are also going to give you the added advantage you need in certain shows. So, you have to consider your audience, and what is needed to draw them in to choose the right portable kit and portable stand.

There are several companies that sell portable stands. As a business owner who attends several trade shows, you have to compare all of them, and the prices, so you can find the ideal portable pop up display for the shows your business partakes in.

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