Making The Jump To The Big Leagues, Part 2: Multimedia Trade Show Displays

When It Comes to Multimedia Trade Show Displays, A Little Goes A Long Way

Multimedia Trade Show DisplaysWelcome to the 2nd part of a 3 part blog series dedicated to showing you how to take your trade show exhibit area from plain-jane to out-of-this-world.  We are basing our suggestions on personal trade show experience as well as feedback from our valued client base, whom we often ask, “What type of trade show displays tend to catch your eye when you’re walking around a trade show floor?”  Our previous blog focused on custom tension fabric displays, which attract an incredible amount of attention but also come with a higher price tag.  Another frequent response indicates that multimedia-based trade show displays are also extremely effective at drawing traffic into your trade show area.

Multimedia displays – which are any types of trade show displays that incorporate flat-screen monitors, touchscreen tablets, or other “tech” gadgets – have several benefits to their use:

1. They’re Attractive
These types of displays have the tendency to immediately catch the eye, and sometimes that’s all that is needed to begin reeling in a potential customer or sale.

2. They Engage
Multimedia displays are able to engage with and inform visitors to your booth, even in your absence!  By creating a video version of your “elevator pitch” and leaving it on repeat, you can easily communicate the main benefits of your products/services for anyone to see.  If you add in an interactive element, booth visitors will have a tendency to stay even that much longer, which results both in positive brand impressions as well as additional time for you to connect with them personally.

3. They’re Cost Effective
Multimedia-based trade show displays are available in all shapes and sizes, and can accommodate virtually any screen-based device on the market.  Many can be purchased with the simplest of functionalities (i.e. simply as a stand or kiosk to hold your device) at rock-bottom costs, while others have the ability to be branded with any design you wish for a slightly higher price.  Either way, though, it is a display category that boasts some of the best ROI in the industry for your marketing dollars.

There is a huge variety of multimedia trade show displays available out there, and we would love to help you find the one that is perfect for your booth space and display needs.  Please feel free to contact one of APG Exhibits’ knowledgable project coordinators with any inquiries you may have, via phone, email, or live chat!!

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