The Most Popular Pop Up Trade Show Display Gets a Face Lift!

An Embrace Pop Up Trade Show Display provides a New Twist to a Trade Show Staple Display!

A Pop Up Trade Show Display is the most used booth product at any event or exhibition hall. Look around at the next Trade Show you attend or one that you are exhibiting at, each aisle you walk through will undoubtedly have these portable, lightweight, easy set-up displays everywhere you turn. The reasons are apparent, they are inexpensive and travel like no other display in the industry.  While they look great and get the job done, the clean aesthetically pleasing lines like that of a tension fabric display are missing.  The Embrace line of displays eliminates the velcro attachments and uses an SEG push fit graphics system for graphics creating slick seamless graphics that are sure to give you the edge over your competitors down your aisle and make your Trade Show Booth the envy of pop up display owners.

Take a look at the Pop Up Graphic examples below:

Example A (Pop Up Display)

Pop Up Trade Show Display


Example B (Embrace Pop Up Display)


Pop Up Trade Show Display

In Example A you can see that this Pop Up’s Lines are not seamless, this is because of the way it attaches to the frame via velcro, sure it gets the job done and it sets up in 5 minutes but, the graphic has stitch lines that are visible on the edges!

In Example B the Embrace has none of the problems that the Regular Pop Up has, the lines are clean, the graphic looks great and best of all it’s inexpensive and sets up in minutes because it’s still a Pop Up!


Pop Up Trade Show Display

Make your Booth Space Shine with an Embrace Pop Up Trade Show Display Featuring SEG Push-fit Graphics!

Embrace Trade Show Pop Up Displays will make your booth space shine! The Embrace comes in numerous sizes from 3′ to 10′ as well as counters and even stackable alternatives for added height. Keep in mind that you’re not losing portability! The Embrace Displays are simple, versatile and set up in minutes! Cool aesthetics, clean lines are all at your fingertips with this lightweight, collapsible portable display. An Embrace Trade show Pop Up Display does not need tools for assembly, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll stand out from the competition with the SEG push-fit graphics.


 Pop Up Trade Show DisplayPop Up Trade Show DisplayPop Up Trade Show Display Pop Up Trade Show Display

Embrace Pop Up Trade Show Displays Includes:

  • Embrace Frame
  • SEG Push-fit graphic with or without endcaps
  • Nylon Carry bag

Embrace Pop Up Trade Show Displays Features:

  • Sleek, collapsible portable display
  • Requires no tools for assembly, is lightweight, and highly portable
  • Features crisp, straight edges due to the simple push-fit fabric graphic attachment
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

Embrace Pop Up Trade Show Displays

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