Types of Trade Show Displays

The competition for brand recognition is rarely more intense than on the floor of a trade show, where vendors across numerous industries set up displays to court consumers and investors. Some of these displays are elaborate and bold, others are simple and understated, yet each company tries its best to advance a particular type of product or service. Thankfully, today’s trade show vendors have more options than ever with the multitude of display types discussed in this article.

Tension Fabric Displays

tension fabric display

In recent years, tension fabric displays have emerged as one of the most portable and convenient display types. Most tension fabric displays consist of knit-polyester graphic sheets that wrap around and zip shut over metal frames, which can be assembled and disassembled in a few easy steps. Tension fabric displays are considered handy because they’re easy to clean, fold and carry, and they’re inexpensive to replace or modify.

APG Exhibits carries tension fabric displays in a variety of styles, including the credit card-shaped Waveline display, the multi-paneled Vector Frame display, the canopied Satellite display, the curved OneFabric and Formulate displays, the three-dimensional Vibe Display and the peg-boarded Merch Express display. Each can be mounted with lights for a more vivid view from afar, and most come with matching display cases/podiums.

Tension fabric displays are suitable for advertising everything from smartphones and computer tablets to beverages, travel agencies and fashion accessories. For example, the Formulate display has been used as a showpiece for the Infinity surface tablet, while the OneFabric has been used as a promotional tool for the Samsung Galaxy SVI.

Modular Truss Exhibits

modular display

The modern, striking, state-of-the-art appearance of the modular truss style of trade show displays is popular among vendors who wish to stand out on the floor at trade show events. Designed by Orbital ExpressTM Truss, each kit consists of reconfigurable truss and back-wall pieces that range from 10×10 to 20×20. Regardless of the configuration, modular truss exhibits can be set up quickly and easily by hand. Any type of display can be assembled with simple twist-and-lock motions — no tools are needed.

Exhibit kits in the 10×10 range from the Orbital Express line include the curved Metis and Helios models, as well as the flat Clio, Eros and Luna kits. Kits in the 10×20 range include the collapsible, six-panel Electra, Hydrus, Magellan and Omicron designs, in addition to the canopied Antares and Cepheus models. The elaborate 20×20 Orbital kits range from the multiple-truss domed Centaurus and the stacked drum shapes of the Orion to the multi-directional Canis and maze-like Draco designs.

Pop Up Displays

pop up displays

One of the simplest types of trade show displays is the pop up display, which is basically a collapsible set of panels that can be propped up to advertise products and services. As one of the lighter weight display types, the pop up can easily be carted around, unfolded like an accordion and set up at trade shows and other public events. The majority of pop up displays feature basic, bold graphics and logos that are designed to boost brand recognition among trade show attendees. Pop ups can be embellished with clip-on lights and shelves for added visibility and product display capabilities.

APG Exhibits offers pop up displays in the following styles:

  • OneFabric Tension Displays. A relatively simple line of designs, OneFabric pop up displays come in straight and curved-back models and range in size from 2.5 ft. (1×3) and 5.0 ft. (2×3) at the smaller end to 10 ft. (4×3) and 20 ft. at the larger end. Most models consist of a single backboard panel, plus an attachable floor and counter piece. OneFabric models in the 20–25 ft. range contain three backboard panels and two counters.
  • Hop Up Displays. For an affordable tension-fabric display option, vendors are utilizing kits from the Hop Up line of pop up displays. With backbones that consist of collapsible, lightweight aluminum frames and graphics made of knit polyester, Hop Up displays can be set up in minutes. As such, Hop Up kits have been used to display everything from fragrances by Chanel and Armani and the namesake energy drink of Red Bull GmbH, to advertisements for the Discovery Channel and products and services from T-Mobile.
  • Coyote Pop Up Displays. Featuring a sleek yet basic design, the Coyote display has become a choice range of kits among vendors looking for options that are vibrant as well as uncomplicated. With graphic material made of PVC substrate, Coyote kits offer some of the brightest, shiniest colors on the floor. Simple yet effective, the Coyote’s curved and serpentine shapes stand in contrast to the busyness of competing displays on the present-day trade show circuit. Standard sizes range from 8–10 feet in width, but the Coyote is also available in 20-ft. versions that extend into horseshoe and gull-wing shapes.
  • Xclaim Pop Up Displays. The most unique of all pop up displays is undoubtedly the Xclaim, which is distinguished by its grid-like framework and often pyramid shape. Unlike other displays, on which the graphics wrap around the frames like pillow cases, Xclaim graphics are printed on square sheets of fabric that are individually connected at each corner to joints along the grid. The quintessential Xclaim models are the 10 Quad Pyramid Kits #2 and #3, which respectively feature 13 and seven graphics, along with carry bags. Also eye-catching are the Xclaim 8 ft., 3×3 designs of kits #5 and #6, which feature upright, square-shaped, fully visible, collapsible frames with seven graphics each. The Xclaim series even includes a line of compact, three-quad kits in the 2.5-ft., 1×3 range.
  • Embrace Pop Up Displays. One of the simplest yet most vibrant trade show display types is the EmbraceTM pop up line, which vendors love for its easy-to-assemble design, which consists of a collapsible frame with straight edges and either full-fitted or frontal graphics. Dimensions of the Embrace line range from square-shaped 7-ft., 3×3 kits and rectangular 10-ft., 4×3 kits to smaller, thinner 5-ft., 2×3 and 3-ft., 1×3 kits. The simplicity of the Embrace has made it the ideal pop up display for vendors that favor a minimal yet vivid combination of words, colors and images, such as the displays of jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co.

Backlit Displays