Free Shipping on Retractable Pull Up Banner Stands for November & December 2017!

APG Exhibits is offering Free Ground Shipping on Retractable Pull Up Banner Stands and Trade Show Fabric Banner Stands

APG Exhibits is offering free shipping on retractable pull up banner stands for the last two weeks of November & December! Attending a trade show or event can be a great experience and saving money is another great experience that you shouldn’t pass by! This month APG Exhibits is offering free shipping on the easiest solution to trade show display needs, the trade show banner stand. Are you looking for an easy and quick solution to show off your business and brand to hundreds of potential customers? Look no no further then our trade show banner stand collection!

retractable pull up banner stands


Lot’s of Trade Show Banner Stands to Choose From!

Our banner stands are constructed from either fabric or vinyl with hundreds of choices to suit your trade show and event needs. Select a vinyl banner to allow for more vivid colors with a better image quality. They’re easy to clean and of course, portable! Fabric banners don’t wrinkle, bend, or otherwise warp out of shape. And they can easily be folded into small spaces when transporting. Another advantage is the fact that the fabric doesn’t reflect. This means that anyone looking at the banner will never see a glare from a nearby window or light source. This guarantees that you’ll never lose potential customers walking towards your display just because they couldn’t see the display properly. There are many unique ways exhibitors and marketers use banner stands to spice up there trade show booth,

Check out Our Collection of Retractable Pull Up Banner Stands and Trade Show Fabric Banner Stands:


Retractable Trade Show Banner Stands:  Aptly named because of the ability to “retract”  or pull up  and take down similar to a curtain and many also have an easily removable and interchangeable graphic cassette that makes swapping graphics out a breeze.

retractable pull up banner stands

Fabric Trade Show Banner stands: lightweight, foldable and no glare.

2Trade Show Banner Stands

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