New from APG Exhibits – Formulate Trade Show Counters

Formulate Trade Show Counters: They’re irresistible !

The perfect addition for trade shows and promotional events, our Formulate Trade Show Counters can be your ultimate connection with show attendees. You placed your logo and artwork prominently in your trade show booth space through the use of graphics and the display looks great! But having a booth that actually works for you with form and function will give you an edge. And to do so at a more superior level than your competitors can make all the difference.
Formulate Trade Show Counters

Placing display counters near the aisle is important. Trade Show counters provide a place where you can engage your clients and interact. Thus being upfront and personal with show attendees can provide promotional advantages and a great return on your investment.

Using a display counter can make your event staff work more efficiently. It allows them to be easy to engage with, interact, and seize opportunities to make sales. Display counters help your staff work more efficiently by adding a work area surface. This allows access to promotional items and material via shelves while securely locking down valuables with lockable doors.

Getting in front of your clients

Getting in front of your clients is important and provides an interaction area for any visitors to your exhibit area. It also helps expose your brand and company message at exhibits, trade shows and events. This is what a trade show is all about! It goes without saying that a counter is practically a necessity for almost any trade show exhibit. This is especially true if you have an interactive objective with exhibitors, such as product demonstration or promotional materials. You will need a trade show counter to give you a home base for that interaction. New Formulate Counters can therefore provide that natural center of attention for a gathering of people at your next trade show.

Unique, funky, and functional – Our New Formulate Trade Show Counters and reception stands combine both lightweight hardware and stretch fabric graphics. Therefore creating an irresistible space that’s sure to draw in clients. The graphic is enclosed on all sides from top to bottom, thus creating a private storage space. Easily add a reception space, extra display capability or storage to any trade show exhibit. Tabletop and base are available in your choice of four finishes. Check it out today!

The Formulate Counters both Include:

  • One frame
  • One dye-sublimated fabric graphic
  • Oval tabletop and base (Counter supports 25 lbs. of weight on center )
  • One wheeled molded OCH2 storage case
  • Tabletop / Base color options: silver, black, mahogany, natural


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