Waveline Tension Fabric Displays: Big Impact, Little Cost

Innovative Tension Fabric Displays Maximize Exhibitors’ ROI

Waveline Tension Fabric DisplaysOver the past year or so, we here at APG Exhibits have seen one particular style of display outpacing nearly all others in popularity, sales, and repeat purchases: the Waveline series of tension fabric displays.  Any exhibitor who is looking to add to or upgrade their exhibit booths for this year’s trade show season would do well to take a look at these impressive products before spending any of their hard-earned marketing dollars.

Waveline tension fabric displays are generally made up of two parts.  One is the hardware, which consists of an internal frame composed of snap-together aluminum tubing.  This tubing is incredibly strong, yet also lightweight, and when it comes time to take everything down at show’s end, the Wavelines are able to collapse down to a fraction of their fully set-up size.  This makes transportation a breeze and freight costs nominal if you choose to ship the display from show to show.

The second part of the Waveline is the graphic, made of a wrinkle-resistant knit polyester fabric.  This fabric is printed with a technique called “dye-sublimation,” which actually sets the ink into the fabric, as opposed to traditional inkjet printing on substrates such as vinyl and PVC, where the ink is laid on top of the material.  Dye-sublimation printing is quickly becoming the most cost-effective method of creating vibrant full-color graphics, and if cared for properly the prints will keep for years without dulling or fading.  The other benefit of the material used for these tension fabric displays is its ability to fold down compactly, also helping out with ease-of-transportation and shipping costs.

For most of the Waveline models, the graphic slips over the entirety of the hardware and zips up; this is commonly referred to as a “pillowcase” graphic.  The combination of the modular tubing and flexible fabric means that Waveline tension fabric displays can achieve shapes not previously possible with more traditional hardware types.

The Waveline concept has proven so popular that it now branches outside of standard backwalls.  There are also interactive kiosks available, as well as an entire series of complete 10′ and 20′ kits that provide the ultimate in trade show display versatility.  We can also create custom configurations due to the modular nature of the tubing, and would be happy to try and make your display dreams come true. On top of all this, the price points for these impressive displays falls well below other types of tension fabric displays, largely due to specific technological advancements that have vastly reduced manufacturing costs. So again, before you spend another dollar on a new trade show display set up, ask us about the Waveline and it just might be a perfect fit!

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