Trade Show Technologies: Making it Mobile

Tradeshows are a fantastic way to showcase your product or service, find new customers, or network with others in your industry.  If you’re setting up a booth at a local (or not-so-local) trade show, having a mobile friendly display is more important than ever.

Trade Show Technologies: Making it Mobile

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Why Should You Attend Trade Shows?

Trade shows are invaluable tools for nearly every industry.  They allow you to connect with buyers, network with others in the industry or conduct market research. They’re also a great platform for releasing new products or even getting the attention of the media.

The most important thing to remember is that 92% of trade show attendees are in a shopping mindset. They’re attending the show to learn about new products, after all, so it’s up to you to make your product the most appealing on the floor.

Why Are Mobile Friendly Exhibits Important?

Let’s be honest — how much time do you spend on your smartphone? Chances are the number is high, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. A survey found that in 2016, the average adult spent 87 hours a month browsing on their smartphone.  In contrast, they only spent about 34 hours on desktop computers.

87% of people always have their smart phone at their side or within arms’ reach. Trade show exhibitors are even getting into the mobile world — 2/3 of them used tablets as part of their display in 2015.

Even the event marketers are getting in on it — 92% of them have used or set up a mobile app for their events in the past two years.

When it comes to the trade show ROI, exhibitors with mobile friendly displays have experienced increased sales and outreach — mobile apps make it much simpler to collect customer data, plus you’ve got all the benefits of a strong online or social media presence.

What’s Attracting Visitors in 2017?

What are the most successful trade show booths using to attract visitors and generate leads?

  • Apps — Apps can be used for anything from sending invites to events to data collection, surveys, and even keeping track of your attendees locations (with their permission, of course). It gives your customers a way to be involved even if they don’t work with you.
  • Drones — Everyone loves a drone, but they’re more than just fancy toys. Use them to collect data about the crowd from the air.  You can spot individuals wearing your logo, or even run contests to spot someone with a specific shirt.
  • Social Media — Hashtag everything. Social media engagement is one of the most important tools of the modern age. Encourage your social media followers to come visit you at the show.  You can even offer incentives or giveaways for following you on social media.
  • Virtual Reality — If your product or service is too big to cart to the trade show, virtual reality can be a great way to bring your customers to the factory. Plus, the novelty of the VR equipment will help attract customers.
  • Event Planning Software — Event planning can be a nightmare. This software can help streamline the process and make it simpler and more fun.
  • Charging Stations or Lounges — No one likes going to a trade show only to have their phone die halfway through. Charging stations will attract visitors, and you can use this as an opportunity to engage them, either through social media or through tablets that offer more information.

Other ideas might include QR codes, since most people have smart phones capable of reading the codes, and even text message contests to get your customers involved.

The biggest thing to remember is to follow up with your new leads once the show has ended.  Research has shown that 30% of non purchasers will be ready to invest with you in the next 6 to 9 months. Around 15% of people want a follow up right after the show — just send them a quick thank you for stopping by and that will set you apart from the other exhibits.

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