Using Tension Fabric Displays To Draw Attention To Your Booth

Exploring The Various Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays At Trade Shows

Tension Fabric Displays Close-UpIf you take a stroll around any trade show floor these days, you’ll probably notice more and more exhibitors turning to tension fabric displays for the important components of their booth setup.  Tension fabric-based exhibits are defined as any displays that utilize a knit-polyester (or similar) fabric that gains its shape from either being attached along the outside of the hardware – usually via velcro or rubber tubing that fits into precisely manufactured grooves – or by slipping the fabric over a “skeleton” of sorts, which typically involves interlocking aluminum tubes.  The latter type of hardware is gaining popularity incredibly quickly due to the wide variety of shapes and sizes it makes possible (many of which could not have been accomplished before).

Tension fabric displays hold many other advantages over more traditional display types:

  • The fabric is incredibly lightweight, yet durable
  • Dye-sublimation printing allows to-the-edge graphics in vivid full-color
  • The fabric folds down compactly and can be cleaned with simple soap and warm water, or by dry cleaning
  • The hardware is usually able to break down to a fraction of its fully-set-up size, which makes for easy and inexpensive transportation
  • Advances in printing technology mean that the cost of dye-sub fabric printing decreases regularly
  • Graphics are incredibly easy for the end-user to swap out when a change of message is desired

Tension fabric displays also have the benefit of being incredibly customizable.  Exhibitors can choose from lighting, shelves, literature holders, flat-screen monitor mounts, and more.  Additionally, the simplicity of some hardware systems means that custom shapes and sizes can be manufactured without the need for a “custom” price tag!  Another plus is most certainly the ease with which these kits can generally be assembled and disassembled.  Nearly all of the available options can be pieced together in full by just one or two people, with an average completion time of anywhere from 5-20 minutes!

If you find yourself in the market for a new or updated trade show booth for the upcoming season, do yourself a favor and take a good look into the world of tension fabric displays – you might find the perfect way to showcase your brand!

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