A Guide to Trade Show Signs

Ready to make your presence felt at an upcoming trade show?

If so, you’ll need engaging, eye-catching trade show signs and banners to garner attendees’ attention consistently. Simply setting up a booth at a trade show is insufficient. Today’s businesses need to discover innovative ways to highlight their products and services — along with the value of their offerings — to consumers of all ages. Failure to do so may result in missed opportunities for your company, or worse: you could alienate consumers and lose business to your rivals.

“the bare minimum rarely works for trade show signs and banners.”

Daniel Scalco, CEO of digital marketing agency Digitalux, says that the bare minimum rarely works for trade show signs and banners. Instead, he recommends designing and deploying “a colorful, interesting and on-brand display that is friendly and approachable.” This helps ensure that your business can optimize the value of its trade show display signs and attract consumers repeatedly.

It also is important to recognize the true value of trade show and expo signs for your business, both now and in the future. For example, consider an industrial company that wants to promote its offerings to a large group of consumers. This business may utilize online tools to highlight its products and services but fail to properly engage its target audience, despite its best efforts. The company may lack significant financial resources and due to its limited marketing budget, a single mistake could prove to be costly.

According to a recent survey from global market analyst IHS Engineering, 42 percent of industrial businesses possess marketing budgets up to $50,000. Meanwhile, 50 percent of industrial companies said they have no plans to increase their marketing spend any time soon, which means these businesses likely will need to explore innovative ways to make the most of the financial resources at their disposal going forward.

Trade show signs offer a viable opportunity because they empower a business to connect with its target audience when it matters most. Typically, a trade show features dozens of vendors fighting for consumers’ attention. With the right trade show signs at your disposal, you can increase your customer engagement levels.

What is customer engagement, exactly? Gallup refers to customer engagement as “a customer’s emotional or psychological attachment to a brand, product or company.” It serves as “the definitive predictor of business growth,” Gallup notes, and having the ability to track and monitor customer engagement levels is paramount for businesses of all sizes.

boost engagementClose to 4,000 marketing professionals worldwide indicated 91 percent of marketing leaders are leveraging customer data to segment their advertising. In addition, the report revealed 83 percent of respondents said they use customer and demographic information to improve their promotional materials and find ways to better connect with their customers.

Boosting customer engagement remains a top priority for many businesses, and with high-quality trade show signs, you should have no trouble connecting with your target audience. Plus, top-notch expo signs are available in a variety of designs and styles, ensuring you can find displays that allow you to highlight your brand quickly and effectively.


Enhance Your Trade Show Signs

enhance trade show signs

A trade show sign can make or break a marketing campaign. You must devote the necessary time and attention to create a best-in-class display that puts your brand in a positive light. Here are three tips you can use to improve the quality of your signs:

  1. Set the bar high. Stand out from the crowd to increase your chances of making a distinct impression on consumers. Establish goals for your trade show marketing campaigns, and you’ll be able to measure your success. This also may help you revamp your trade show displays down the line. “Don’t just buy space and expect miracles because that’s like Russian roulette,” said trade show coach Susan Friedmann. “In order to make your trade show experience an investment, set measurable objectives before the event and stick to them.”
  2. Prioritize quality. Your company may offer a long list of products and services, but a trade show display offers only a limited amount of space. For many businesses, the question becomes: Should I prioritize quality or quantity with my trade show signs? Quality, not quantity, should always win. How your business presents itself may dictate whether customers feel engaged. As a result, a company that prioritizes quality with its trade show display messaging and visuals is more likely to be viewed as an industry expert.
  3. Include your company’s contact information. You’ve determined what content and visuals you’d like to include on your trade show display, but after customers see your sign, will they know how to get in touch with your business? Ensure your contact information is included on your display. A phone number and email address is sufficient. If your company is using its sign at a trade show, have qualified experts on hand to respond to consumers’ queries as well.

Finding the right trade show sign for your business may seem impossible, but with the right trade show experts you can receive comprehensive insights to help you discover the best display for your business. Trade show sign experts boast the skills and knowledge to help you find exactly what you need to make the most of your marketing campaigns. These professionals can even educate you about the different types of trade show displays and work with you to ensure you can discover the right signs for your company.

Choose the Right Trade Show Signs and Banners

Let’s take a closer look at six types of trade show and expo signs, so you can determine which will work best for your business:

1. Hanging Signs

To better understand the value of hanging displays, consider the perspective of a consumer who is attending his or her first trade show. Visiting a trade show can be overwhelming, as there likely will be hundreds or thousands of industry experts in attendance. The event may feature many flashy signs and lots of noise, making it exceedingly difficult to figure out where to go.

A hanging sign will make it easier for anyone to find your trade show booth without delay. This display can be hung from a ceiling at any big or small convention center and serves as a wonderful sign that will guide visitors right to your booth immediately.

Signs are available in the following shapes:

Round– A stunning round hanging sign consists of top-notch materials and will dazzle at any trade show.

Square– It’s hip to be square, particularly when it comes to trade show displays. With a square sign, guests are sure to notice your company’s logo and easily find your booth.

Triangle– With a triangle trade show display, you can reap the benefits of an exceptional sign that is bright, awe-inspiring and built to last.

Elliptical– Looking for a hanging sign with a look and feel all its own? With an elliptical trade show display, your booth is sure to stand out.

Tower– Stunning pillowcase graphics and vibrant colors often make tower trade show signs top choices for businesses across the globe.

For those who want a one-of-a-kind trade show display that makes a bold statement, APG Exhibits offers custom trade show signs, ensuring you can craft a distinct display in any shape or size you choose.

2. Banner Stands

As an industry expert, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your company maintains a professional appearance. Thanks to banner stands, even a startup company can show its commitment to becoming a Fortune 500 business to a large group of consumers. Banner stands serve as popular choices for companies big and small, and it’s easy to understand why.

These displays are great for indoor and outdoor events and come in many styles, including:

-Spring back– Easy to set up, spring back banner stands can help you get your booth up and running in just minutes.

-Retractable– Simple to use and transport, retractable banner signs are sure to serve you well for an extended period of time.

-Double sided– Increase your business exposure with a double-sided banner sign that is both stylish and practical.

-Stretch fabric– With large, sharp graphics, stretch fabric banner signs offer incredible value for businesses that want to extend their brand awareness.

-Telescopic– Adjusted to stretch to the length of a specific frame, telescopic banner stands deliver amazing durability.

-Extra wide– Showcase inspirational visuals and other outstanding images with an extra wide banner sign that highlights your business’ dedication to its clientele.

Keep in mind that banner display stands include a carrying case, making them easy to take with you from place to place. That way, no matter whom you need to educate at a trade show, you’ll be able to leverage a deluxe banner stand that is constructed to last.

3. Outdoor Event Signs

Searching for an outdoor event sign that performs well in all types of weather? Discover the benefits of an outdoor event sign — you’ll be glad you did. This display offers excellent versatility. Regardless of whether you want to place it in a hot or cold climate, it will maintain its quality.

Numerous kinds of outdoor banners are available, such as:

-Pole – Also known as street banners, pole signs can be attached to light poles or other outdoor structures instantly.

-Flag – Take advantage of the power of the wind with a flag sign, which is offered in multiple adjustable heights.

-Walking– Perfect for high-traffic areas, walking signs are portable and simple to set up, ensuring you can use them to garner interest from walkers at any time.

-Free-standing– With a free-standing sign, your business can draw attention from customers effectively, regardless of location.

Colorful outdoor event signs can perform wonders for your business and its customer engagement levels. They serve as valuable choices and can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

4. Outdoor Signs

Weather-resistant graphics and sturdy hardware commonly make outdoor signs terrific options for businesses. They are offered in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your individual needs. The signs stand tall in rain or shine, as they are designed to help you bolster your outdoor marketing campaigns.

Marketing your business at a trade show or any other event may require you to think outside the box. With outdoor signs, you may gain a competitive advantage by promoting your brand in areas that other companies could ignore.

5. Feather and Bow Flags

concert marketing

Consumers don’t want to deal with jargon and excessive text, particularly when they look at your company’s trade show signs. Thankfully, feather and bow flags are available that make it simple for you to highlight your brand’s message without overwhelming consumers.

Feather and bow flags consist of top-of-the-line materials, ensuring they can withstand all weather conditions. They offer an ideal option for those who want to attract attention from consumers at unique locations as well.

For instance, have you ever considered marketing your company at a concert, fair or other outdoor gathering? With feather and bow flags, your displays can grab customers’ attention at one-of-kind destinations.

Ultimately, feather and bow flags are sure to meet or exceed your branding expectations. They could become important parts of your outdoor marketing campaigns, empowering your business to promote its brand to consumers everywhere.

6. Custom Signs

Do you have an innovative idea about how you want to promote your business? Although many trade show display templates are available, creating custom expo signs can give your company a long-lasting advantage over its rivals.

Custom printing ensures your company can benefit from a solvent printing process that can help you transform an ordinary display into an exceptional one. And with support from APG Exhibits, you can benefit from our use of a solvent printing process, as well as high-tech UV printers that perform beautifully.

At APG Exhibits, we prioritize quality, and our production standards allow you to select a custom vinyl print that you and your customers are sure to enjoy. With our assistance, you can create a custom sign that dazzles and helps you garner attention from consumers of all ages, too.

For those who demand nothing but the best from their trade show signs, there may be no better choice than APG Exhibits. With our assistance, you’ll work with a team of trade show display professionals who are happy to support you.

We boast extensive trade show display experience, and we guarantee you’ll receive the support you deserve any time you need it. Contact us today, and we’ll be ready to guide your business on its search for the perfect trade show signs and banners.

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