Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth With Guerilla Marketing Tactics

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Are you dissatisfied with the low return on investment generated by your trade show exhibits? Does it seem that too many trade show attendees give your booth nothing more than a cursory glance, then make a beeline for the next booth in the aisle?

If so, you could likely benefit from guerrilla marketing to attract attention to your booth and make sure attendees spend more time exploring what you have to offer. Guerilla marketing involves the use of inexpensive, out-of-the-box marketing techniques to maximize exposure in a cost-effective manner. You can implement a wide variety of creative, affordable guerilla marketing tactics before and during a trade show event.

Before the Show

Let your customers or other industry contacts who are likely to attend the trade show know that you’ll be exhibiting there. Mention it in your emails or phone conversations, and use social media to generate a buzz. Twitter in particular can be an invaluable guerilla marketing tool. Send out engaging tweets about the show to your company’s followers, being sure to use the show’s hashtag in every tweet. You can also use your pre-show communications to drop hints regarding a special giveaway or other surprise event that will take place at your booth.

At the Show

There are a number of guerilla marketing tactics you can employ at the show to draw attendees to your booth. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have people roam the floor and pass out fliers containing information about your company and any compelling reasons to stop by your booth, such as giveaways or demonstrations.
  • Speaking of giveaways, people are always looking to pick up some swag at trade shows. Hand out pens, caps, t-shirts, buttons or other inexpensive items emblazoned with your company’s logo.
  • Stage a fast, simple contest or raffle featuring an exciting prize.
  • If you’re up for a little creativity, build Lego items in the form of a key product you’re promoting at the show and pass them out at your booth and on the floor.
  • Hire a street musician to serenade attendees with your advertising jingle as they make their way into the venue.


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