Guerilla Marketing Tips for Outdoor Trade Show Events

Outdoor trade shows offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere where attendees can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as they wander from one exhibit to another. Guerilla marketing can attract attention to your outdoor trade show display without breaking your promotional budget. Guerilla marketing entails the use of unconventional, inexpensive marketing methods that enable you to stand out amongst a crowded field of exhibiters. Here are a few fun, engaging tips and tactics you can employ at your next outdoor trade show event:

Sidewalk art: Hire a chalk artist to draw your logo on the pavement or on the side of a building at a spot in plain view of show attendees. You could also have the artist create a stunning 3D drawing of a specific product you want to promote at the show.

Walking billboards: Have someone patrol the venue carrying a display piece that contains your logo or a specific marketing message you wish to convey. This is a great way to reach attendees throughout the venue and get maximum exposure for your brand, products and services. APG Exhibits offers an assortment of attractive backpack walking billboards and bow flag banners that are perfectly suited for outdoor marketing.

Have a party: Who isn’t attracted to a party? Create an outdoor party event at your exhibit to draw people in as they pass by. A tropical theme enables you to capitalize on the relaxed, outdoor atmosphere. A little sand, beach balls emblazoned with your company’s logo and some reggae music can make attendees feel like they’re visiting a tropical island.

Carnival games: Outdoor trade shows often have a carnival-like atmosphere, as exhibiters typically use pop up tents to serve as their “booth.” A simple carnival game, such as spinning a wheel to try to win a prize or tossing ping-pong balls into fish bowls can engage your visitors and keep them at your exhibit longer. You can even act as the carnival barker to encourage passersby to “step right up” and play the game.

Contact APG Exhibits for more guerilla marketing ideas that can maximize your ROI at your next outdoor trade show event.

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