Top 5 Essential Products For Outdoor Event Marketing

Outdoor display season is here, and we at APG have some exciting ideas for maximizing your outdoor tradeshow booth traffic! Exceed your expectations when it comes to showing off your brand and attracting new customers.

Branded Pop Up Tents

An APG Branded Pop Up Tent is the best place to start. These attractive tents are a great way to draw attention and create a convenient and easy-to-transport workspace to attract customers. They offer a polished and professional look, while delivering exceptional quality and the best value for your money. APG also provides hardware that is industry-leading in its quality, as well as graphic print quality and color matching that cannot be beaten. An outdoor tradeshow booth needs to be able to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. Our tents are also bright and eye catching, allowing you to stand out even in a crowded trade show or other busy event.  Choose from a number of useful Pop Up Tent designs we have available, or try one of our convenient kits, like the 10 ft Zoom Outdoor Tent Kit.

outdoor tradeshow booth

Vibrant Feather Flags

We have several options to make your pop up trade show tent stand out even more, such as Feather flags.  These flags offer a fantastic way to attract attention to your business, trade show, concert, or other event. They’re simple, yet colorful and can display your logo or information in a dynamic way. Unlike static signs, these unique banners capture the breeze and begin to move, grabbing customer attention.  You can also take the outdoor advertising flag genre to a whole new level with our Leaf Premium Feather Flags which have inspired, dynamic shapes that are sure to make your brand stand out and are an exciting way to elevate your brand and generate traffic to your booth.

Swooper Flags


Backpack Flags


Our lightweight and handy Backpack Flags are a great way to show your brand on the go!  This reinforced backpack features a dye-sublimated advertising banner and a pocket for storing brochures, and help ensure that your company name, logo or product is visible from all directions while a person carries it on their back moving from one place to another.  Our Backpack Flex Blade® is provided with straps that are durable and comfortable. Available in various sizes, APG Backpack Flags are excellent for indoor and outdoor marketing!

Outdoor Signs

The Atlas Free Standing Outdoor Sign is great way to show off your brand in any weather!  The Atlas can  hold a large rigid graphic or Zoom Flag as well. The hollow plastic base can be filled with either water or sand and can be used individually or in pairs for a larger sign. Set up is also quick and storage is easy! An outdoor tradeshow booth can easily accommodate one of these displays directly in front or inside.

Outdoor Furniture

We can also add furniture to your outdoor tradeshow booth. Furniture has been rapidly gaining popularity among exhibitors in the past few years and can set your exhibit apart from others by creating a completely cohesive branding front. Plus it offers the opportunity to associate your brand positively in the minds of anyone who comes through your exhibit space by providing a place to comfortably relax.  Our Deck chairs are a great way to take advantage of this valuable advertising space. They are constructed of natural beech wood and are both stable and lightweight at less than 10lb each. Wooden chairs can also be collapsed for easy transportation. Our wooden chairs are perfect for bars, patios, events, trade shows, or the beach!

Trade Show Furniture

APG Branded Pop Up Tents, Feather Flags, Backpack Flags, and Atlas Free Standing Signs, and Outdoor Furniture with their combination of professional grade materials, simplicity of set-up and the fantastic graphic options ensure a high return on investment and make these items a home-run for any outdoor event or trade show. Whatever your needs are, our team can put together a package with everything you need for your outdoor tradeshow booth!

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