Outdoor Signage to Communicate New Procedures for COVID

The needs of our community are changing quickly due to the global pandemic. This means your business has to adapt to the new demands for a more distant grab-and-go relationship between you and the customer. With this evolution comes the need for outdoor signage that can simplify the process of introducing new traffic patterns, regulations, and other information. Check out the full selection of outdoor display banners and signage.

Keeping a Safe Distance

The restaurant and fast food industries are feeling the sting of these new social distancing directives, and companies are finding new ways to innovate. On-site seating is no longer an option, making drive through and carry out the primary source of business. This is bound to lead to some confusion when customers are forced to switch up their routines and rely on a new system. Directional signage around the premises can be an invaluable resource to restaurant owners! Rather than increasing the number of employees needed to direct the new flow, why not reduce the risk of contamination and let your outdoor signage do the heavy lifting? This keeps employees out of dangerous high-traffic areas and allows them to focus on providing customer service safely.

Outdoor signage helps direct traffic and communicate important messaging

Spread the News!

While many businesses have temporarily closed their doors, some are able to stay open during quarantine. Letting people know you are still open can make a huge difference in sales! Outdoor flags and message boards alert customers that you are still open for business, and can help you advertise sales. They are easy to set up and quick to stow away in case of inclement weather. This makes outdoor flags an obvious choice for traffic direction as well. You can alert customers to new pickup locations, and use larger signs to advertise mobile ordering apps.

Other Outdoor Signage

Sidewalk signs are a great way to advertise your menu changes to customers waiting in line. It also gives them something to read while they wait, allowing them to spend less time ordering. You can also use buriers to encourage social distancing, or to direct attention to particular menu items. This is a highly visible way to advertise any type of mobile ordering, sales, special instructions, or directional queues as well. Alerting people to your new curbside pickup service just became a whole lot easier!

Need Help with Your Design?

At APG Exhibits, we make sure your graphics work for you. Whether you are looking to start from scratch, or simply replace a graphic to make your signage work for you, we have a design team that keep your displays looking professional. Let us do the work so you can focus on what’s important to you and your company.

With so many people now working remotely, the business world is changing fast. However, the demand for fast, uncomplicated service is at an all-time high. Get your outdoor signage today and start simplifying the way you do business!

Your Partner in Advertising

We have always been your trusted go-to for trade show displays, but our role doesn’t stop there! APG Exhibits is now offering products to help you through the pandemic. New products include face masks, hand sanitizer packs and dispensers, and medical isolation cubes. We strive to continuously meet the needs of our customers and look forward to continuing to do so once things have returned to business-as-usual. You can read more about our new products here.

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