Will Large Trade Shows Return in 2021?

Optimism for the return of large trade shows in 2021 is spreading according to an article from FOX 5 in Las Vegas.  The local unions in Las Vegas are preparing for the return of large trade shows despite the limits that are still in effect on large gatherings. They are hopeful that the restrictions may change by June. World of Concrete is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 8.

At APG Exhibits, we share the same hope for a return to in-person events and meetings.  Whether it happens this summer or later in the future, we are here to help companies get their brands back out in front of customers.

Get Ready… But Be Flexible

Although we are optimistic, it’s likely that large shows across the country may take longer to return. To get ready, yet be flexible, consider a booth that transforms from a 10×10 booth to a 10×20.

Adjustable OneFabric

Adjustable OneFabric display - APG Exhibits

The OneFabric 3 Piece Kit is a large 20 ft trade show display that comes with three  backwalls to create one large backwall. Layering three different backwall displays in one trade show exhibit creates a unique sense of depth to the design. In addition, the three sections could be overlapped to make a wall narrower than 20 ft or spread apart to fill a space wider than 20 ft, making this set extra versatile.

Orbital Truss System

The larger 10×20 Orbital Truss System booths can be reconfigured to create smaller 10×10 booths.  A wide range of optional accessories are also available.

APG Exhibits Orbital Truss System - Polaris

Adjustable Truss Displays require no tools for assembly, which makes setup and tear-down easier than other display kits. The kits come with detailed instructions for assembly, as well as various options for upgrading panels and accessories/add-ons.

We have a wide-range of adjustable displays that can help your company during this transitional time.

Get Ready for Outdoor Events

In the meantime, outdoor events are a great option. We have a large selection of outdoor solutions to keep your business going, while staying safe.

Tents with Optional Banner Shield

APG Pop Up Tents With Added Banner Shield

APG Exhibits Pop Up Tent with additional banner shield.

With the addition of the Tent Banner Shield, our 10 foot Zoom Economy Tents and Standard 10 foot Zoom Tents are now more versatile than ever. Create a safe environment for patrons and workers alike in any outdoor event!

Need Everything For Your Next Outdoor Event?

Custom Printed Pop Up Tent Kits, Tables and Flags
APG Exhibits Pop Up Tent Kit

APG Exhibits Pop Up Tent Kits.

Get ready for outdoor events with a custom pop up tent kit. APG provides pop up kit hardware that is industry-leading in it’s quality, as well as graphic print quality that cannot be beaten.

Here at APG Exhibits we are excited and looking forward to helping you prepare for your next event, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We have got you covered!



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