Tension Fabric Accents For Trade Show Booths

Spice Up Your Trade Show Booths Look With Tension Fabric-Based Accent Displays

Let’s say that you have the majority of your trade show booths display products purchased, and are feeling pretty good about your overall setup, but are looking for just one last accent piece to complete the puzzle.  We have found that tension fabric displays tend to fit the bill perfectly, due to their combination of striking looks, affordability, and ease of setup/transport.  Today we’re going to feature a few of these displays that can take your exhibit area to the next level.

Tension Fabric Accents for Trade Show Booths

1. 20′ Arch

We love this piece because it can be easily added to almost any pre-existing booth setup due to the fact that it can extend up and over most standard trade show displays. The towering arch shape attracts the eye and acts as a longer-distance beacon for show attendees to come and see what you’re all about.

C-Shaped Wall Tension Fabric Display

2. C-Shaped Wall

Another one of our favorites, the C-Shaped Wall stands out because of the functionality it brings to trade show booths. Often times, exhibitors need some type of semi-private area to either provide more information or to try and close a sale.  This tension fabric display wall is good for precisely those uses and also looks fantastic while doing it with double-sided dye-sublimation graphics.

Video Wall Tension Fabric Display

3. Curved Multimedia Wall

This tension fabric display hits on both sides of the form/function spectrum.  The unique, curved, wave-like shape is infinitely attractive, but this display also has the ability to take a full-sized flat panel LCD screen, which is a welcome addition to any trade show booths aesthetic.

All of the above products are composed of two parts: and internal hardware skeleton made up of interlocking aluminum tubing and then a dye-sublimated fabric graphic that stretches over and encompasses the entirety of the hardware, thus creating the attractive shapes seen. The pole system means that these units break down to a fraction of their set-up size, and they are incredibly easy to transport.

If you’re looking for that last little push to bring your booth from “great” to “AMAZING,” look no further than these tension fabric displays for trade show booths from APG Exhibits!

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