Reach For The Stars: Trade Show Displays With Height

Showcasing Trade Show Displays That Get Your Brand Seen

Exhibitors looking to make upgrades to their trade show booth area often focus first on securing a larger booth size, for example jumping to a 20′ x 20′ space from a 10′ x 20′ space.  While there are definitely certain merits to this approach (most specifically the ability to hold larger numbers of visitors), exhibitors would also be wise to explore the concept of expanding vertically as opposed to horizontally.  Vertical expansion can grant the particular benefit of long-distance visibility which, if utilized properly, can draw just as many visitors (if not more) as its horizontal counterpart, and often for a much lower investment cost.  Today we feature a few vertically-based trade show displays that can help you “stick out” above the rest.

Blimp Tower Vertical Trade Show Displays1. Blimp Tower

One of the newest additions to our online store are Blimps, our low-cost series of hanging trade show displays.  These displays have a hardware skeleton made of lightweight but strong aluminum tubing, over which a dye-sublimated knit-polyester graphic is pulled.  The Blimp Tower takes this idea a step further by providing a similarly constructed tower on which the Blimp rests.  Standing over 12′ tall alone, the tower portion also features a 2 RPM rotating motor which turns the upper display for even greater impact.

Truss-Based Trade Show Displays2. Corvus 20′ x 20′ Orbital Truss System

The Corvus, one of our flagship truss-based trade show displays, gives exhibitors both horizontal and vertical heft.  Stretching over 15 feet into the air, the towering main column stands as beacon to all trade show attendees, making your brand stand out distinctly over standard-height booths. The recommended 22mil PVC graphic panels are rugged, yet showcase artwork vibrantly.  As an added bonus, the modular nature of these trade show displays means that the Corvus is able to configure into other 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′ variations, adding another layer of highly useful functionality (additional info viewable here).

Mosquito Giant Retractable Banner Stand3. Giant Mosquito Retractable Banner Stand

Made more for grabbing attention at shorter distances, the Giant Mosquito Retractable Banner Stand (available at extends to over 10-feet in height, besting the vast majority of other banner stands by more than 2.5′.  We have found this height difference to have a dramatic effect in the “noticeability” of these trade show displays, plus, when taken advantage of correctly, the extra real estate provides the opportunity for additionally eye-popping designs.

These added-height trade show displays are a great way to give yourself extra visibility at your next marketing event, but please note that some shows impose height limits on their displays, and you would want to verify ahead of time that displays such as these fall within regulations.  If you ever need help, just reach out to one of our dedicated order coordinators via phone, email, or live chat.

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