Making The Jump To The Big Leagues, Part 3: Trade Show Truss

Using Trade Show Truss Displays To Craft Your “Next-Level” Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Truss DisplaysWelcome to the 3rd part of 3-blog series dedicated to showcasing trade show display products that completely change the face of your exhibit area all by themselves.  With this blog we focus on the venerable trade show truss display.  Trade show truss systems have been in use in the industry for quite a while now, so they certainly are not new, but we can without a doubt say that there are few other types of displays that create such a dramatic and eye-catching effect as truss displays.

We here at APG have chosen the Orbital system of trade show truss displays as our main go-to, for a variety of reasons:

    1. They’re Modular
    Each and every configuration is composed of off-the-shelf truss sections, meaning no special fabrication is necessary, keeping costs down across-the-board.  This feature also means that many of the 20-foot kits rearrange into 10′ kits for flexibility.

    2. They’re Visually Impressive
    The truss pieces themselves are bold and striking.  The graphics are rich and vibrant.  Each system is designed to make ideal use of the space it’s been created for and to draw attention to the different graphic panels displaying information about your products and services.

    3. They’re Simple To Use
    Setup for all our trade show truss display kits requires no tools whatsoever.  We offer two main types of graphic substrates: knit-polyester fabric or 22mil PVC (depending on whether the panels are straight or curved), and both attach easily to the frame either via velcro or magnets, respectively.  The  freight cases included with each kit fit the components of that kit precisely to eliminate guess-work by booth staff.

    We can easily say that many of our most successful projects – and satisfied clients – have been a direct result of using these truss displays. They are a fantastic combination of simple and sophisticated, and perhaps the most sure way to generate additional traffic at your next trade show event.  We do have quite a few different options available, though, so if you need any assistance whatsoever in choosing the perfect kit for your set-up, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!

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