Stretch Trade Show Table Covers Add “Pop” to Exhibit Areas

Trade Show Table Covers - 4-Foot StretchBig Upgrades For Less Money With These New Trade Show Table Covers

Table covers have been around in the trade show industry for an incredibly long time, and they’ve undergone some significant changes over that period.  The crudest versions were made from vinyl with heat-pressed or screen-printed graphics; these were far too heavy, looked clunky, and had a propensity for creasing when folded up for storage.  The next iteration involved the move to knit-polyester fabric and dye-sublimation graphics.  This evolution of trade show table covers was (and still is) a big one, for a few reasons.  The dye-sublimated graphics are full-color, vibrant, and actually set into the fabric, which makes them durable.  Plus, the hardy fabric takes much better to folding, making creasing problems a thing of the past.  These table covers have become a part of countless trade show booth set ups, but there hasn’t been any real upgrade of the genre in general for some time now.

That has all changed with new Stretch (or “Contour”) Trade Show Table Covers.  These covers retain every single benefit of their draping counterparts but add a dynamic new attachment method – via the table’s feet – to create a sleek and sexy shape that immediately draws the eye.  Stretch Table Covers are available for the three most popular folding table sizes, 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot.  Depending on the manufacturer, some of them have bottom hems that arc upwards and some lay flat on the floor.  We at APG Exhibits prefer the type that goes all the way to the floor because it gives the additional functionality of being able to store items away from sight, such as personal effects of the booth staff, extra promotional handouts, and company literature.

We are a huge fan of these new trade show table covers largely because they offer a huge visual upgrade to nearly any type of trade show booth space, but without breaking proverbial bank.  If you’re looking for something to up the ante at your next trade show, you may need to look no further than contoured table covers.

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