5 Easy Ways to Transform an Old Trade Show Booth into a Custom Display

Companies that frequently exhibit at trade shows often keep their trade show booth for long periods, often times years, to save money instead of purchasing a new custom display. However, companies that are unable to update an old trade show booth after years of use will likely see a diminishing return on their trade show investment as frequent trade show attendees see the same old trade show display year after year. However, there is a way to update an old trade show booth without breaking a budget on a brand new custom display.

Using Trade Show Accessories to Create a Custom Display from an Old Trade Show Booth

ONT-1000-2TRetractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banners can the easiest way to create a more interesting and dynamic trade show booth. These displays are easy to use and create. Exhibitors can easily recycle the graphic design used on the original trade show booth backwall to create the retractable banner stand. This will ensure the retractable banner matches and complements the the main trade show display. They are also light-weight and easy to travel with making the retractable banner stands perfect for reuse at various trade shows. APGExhibits.com has a variety of shapes and sizes to work with any trade show booth.

iPad Displays

With an iPad Display, exhibitors can include interactive media for trade show attendees to play and interact with. This unique feature can attract a variety of trade show attendees to a trade show booth. These displays are still fairly new and will easily give an old trade show booth the look of a custom display. The APG website features a variety of iPad displays including hybrid displays that include banner stand backdrops for the iPad.


Counters are a great alternative to large table displays in a trade show booth. Large tables can make trade show attendees feel too separated from booth staff members  while counter still provide a great meeting place to discus products and services or trade contact information without making the attendees feel separated. With full-color graphic covers, these also give exhibitors another create place to display logos and brand names at the trade show booth.


Adding some lighting to an old trade show booth can make an old display look completely different. This is possibly the easiest and most inexpensive way to turn a trade show booth into a custom display.

Event Flooring

Adding unique event flooring to an old trade show booth will undoubtedly give a whole new look to the trade show display. Event flooring will turn a trade show booth into an entirely custom display, making an exhibitor’s trade show display look like its own private space, somewhat separated from the rest of the trade show. This is a small feature that makes a big impact on trade show attendees. It is an uncommon trade show display accessory that gives a trade show booth the foundation to stand out from the competition.

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