How to Create a Powerful Trade Show Booth

Creating an attractive and powerful trade show booth means using a variety of displays in one trade show exhibit. Not only should you have a booth backdrop, you should also be using retractable banner stands, iPad displays and counters. The key is to use all of these displays at once without making it appear cluttered or forced. Below is a great example of a company who used three monitors, a backdrop and a retractable banner stand.
trade show booth

While this group may have a significant amount of display space, this trade show booth can still work in a smaller area. If you pushed the retractable banner stand and the large monitor display back, closer to the backdrop, the trade show booth still looks clean and attractive. However, if they had less space width-wise, the display may seem a little more cluttered with the wide monitor display. You should always consider what kind of space you will have for your trade show booth. One of the benefits to using multiple pieces in your booth is the ability to rearrange each display to fit multiple display spaces. The trade show booth shown above can fit into a much smaller space or can be spread out for a larger display.

Must Have Trade Show Booth Elements

Multimedia Display

One thing you must have in your trade show booth is a multimedia display. The APG website has a variety to chose from. Depending on your space and current resources you should consider a small iPad display, a hybrid banner iPad display or a monitor kiosk. Many backdrops also have options for attachable monitor mounts.

Retractable Banner Stand

You should always have a retractable banner stand for any trade show booth. These can be used multiple times and are easy to set up, break down and store. These can be used in more than just trade shows. If you have more space than expected you can set it up at a distance so make your trade show booth appear larger. If you have less space than expected, you can store the banner behind your backdrop to use for later.


You can use any kind of backdrop you need, just make sure you have one. This is the main way to attract attention at a trade show. It is your largest display that can show you brand and your marketing message. The APG website has a variety of trade show backdrops organized by size.


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