What Trade Show Booth is Right For You?

There are many types of trade show booths to choose from. On the APG Exhibits website, they are organized by size. However, in this blog I’ll list some of our best trade show booths by need. Whether you need a trade show booth to fit a tight budget, provide multimedia options, or give you brand a unique look APG has what you’re looking for.

Trade Show Booth on a Budget

QuickWall Trade Show Booth









The Quick Wall display is our most cost effective backwall display.It is easy to set up, versatile and reusable for multiple purposes. It is a large, portable back wall for your trade show booth design that won’t break the bank. You can create a display on the fly with this easy to assemble, affordable 10′ backwall solution made of three Mosquito 800 Retractable Banner Stands and one hard-molded OCB Banner Stand case.  Each banner includes one 31.5″ x 78.5″ banner printed on 13oz FLATMAXX Anti-Curl Vinyl. Case made from recyclable materials for easy display transport. You can even create your own trade show booth using any of our retractable banner stands. We recently had a client create her own using four banner stands instead of three.





If you need a larger backwall display, consider the Formulate series of Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays. This is our most inexpensive 10′ x 20′ trade show booth. They feature a seamless fabric graphic, with a vivid sublimation print process. The hardware is made of quick-and-easy snap-together aluminum frame pieces that break-down for easy transportation. The graphics can be easily interchanged to create a new look from one trade show to the next. The aluminum frame is built to be extremely durable, yet lightweight, costing less to ship than traditional 20-foot trade show displays.

Unique Displays


The Formulate 10′ Arch is a great way to turn a simple 10′ trade show booth into something eye catching. If you only have a small space to work with, this arch is a great way to make your space unique and attractive to trade show attendees. Place a table or chairs underneath to create an inviting environment for attendees to discuss your brand and products/services.




The Fusion 20′ x 20′ Tension Fabric Display Kit is our most unique, detailed trade show booth. It represent the most premium offerings in our product line.  Bringing together dramatic design and functionality into a cohesive space, the Fusion Kits offer a fully customizable palette of options to ensure that your brand is the talk of your next trade show.  Each kit combines large, aluminum extrusion-based, fabric-wrapped structures with lighting, monitor mounts, counter spaces, conference rooms and more, making them the all-in-one solution for whatever trade show needs you may have. Each kit is available as-shown, or can be completely customized.

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  1. Hello I’m in a bind. I need a quick 10’ backdrop display for a show in Rhode Island that starts April 5th. I like the first option of the 3 individual stands that make 1 large wall. Can this be done?

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