How To Promote Trade Show Displays

How To Promote Trade Show Displays By Holding A Presentation During The Event

A few posts ago we discussed scheduling a presentation as a pre show planning tip to help increase the success of trade show displays.  But, what makes an effective presentation?  We’ve compiled some tips to help you create a trade show presentation that will help draw attention to your booth, increase your


Start Designing Your Presentation Long Before The Show

Great presentations don’t just happen.  If you really want to draw attention to your trade show display, you’ve got to start as soon as possible before the show.  Be sure to make things interesting as well as promote your company/booth so your audience has a fun and memorable experience.


Promote Your Trade Show Display Presentation Before And During The Show

Promoting your presentation through newsletters, blog posts, social media, and however else you can think of before the actual show will only draw even more attention to your trade show display.  Also, unless you’re the very first presenter you should have at least a bit of time to promote your presentation during the show too.  Don’t go overboard to the point of annoying of course, but, the more people that know about your trade show display presentation the bigger your crowd will be.


Elevate Your Presentation For More Effect

Find a way to elevate yourself and your presentation props and you’ll increase the exposure of your trade show booth many times over.  No need for anything fancy or unsafe.  Just a stool for example, or a couple of crates; something to get you a few heads above the crowd.  More people will see you both within the crowd that has already gathered as well as within the exhibit hall itself.  This has many benefits as you can imagine!


Well Placed Lighting Can Help Draw An Audience Too

Some well placed or colorful lighting can help “spotlight” your presentation.  Flicker it on and off to signal you’re about to start as well.  And, while not in use for your presentation, the lighting can be positioned to draw attention to your trade show displays too.


Incorporate Multimedia To Help Highlight Your Main Points

You don’t have to go crazy, and your speech is the most important piece of your presentation, but, using multimedia tools to help highlight the main points of your exhibit can be very effective.


Involve Your Attendees Whenever Possible

Whenever possible during your presentation involve the audience.  They’ll have more fun; which is a major key to helping attendees remember your exhibit.  Plus, having an interactive presentation will help people feel more comfortable with you and your message, and will encourage them to visit you at your trade show display once the presentation is through.


Make It Short Sweet and To The Point

To maximize the effect of your presentation be sure to make it short and to the point.  Focus on only 3-4 major ideas at best.  Presentation slots generally only last a few minutes and distractions at events are high.  Make the most of this window of opportunity by driving the top points of your trade show display home to the audience while its the biggest.  Then, as people come over after you’re through, you’ll have more of an opportunity to elaborate on your message.


Consider The Placement Of Your Trade Show Staff 

If you have staff with you at the show try to use them as effectively as possible in the crowd during the presentation.  They should be prepared with literature, information sheets, and business cards, along with another short, poignant, verbal message to attendees to help further the exposure for your trade show display.


Presentations are known to not only boost the number of visitors to your booth, but, research shows they also help make trade show displays more memorable even after the event is over too; usually one of the most important goals of any exhibit!  Consider trying to nab a presentation slot at the next show you attend, and, be sure to use these tips to see just how much you can increase the positive response to your trade show display.

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