Don’t Pass Over a Great Trade Show Exhibit

trade show exhibitWhile establishing a marketing budget, it is important to explore a variety of options, including a trade show exhibit. But how do you choose which trade show exhibit(s) to attend?  Hundreds of exhibits are hosted globally with many different people attending each trade show exhibit, including a variety of vendors and business professionals.  This makes choosing the right exhibit difficult.  But don’t feel overwhelmed yet!  We have a few simple tips to weed out trade show exhibits that don’t help you meet your business goals.

1. Plan Ahead

Searching for the right trade show exhibit takes some time and research.  The last thing you want to do is stress over a quick decision to attend an exhibit that won’t help you achieve your marketing goals. It would waste your time and your company’s money. If you’re social media savvy and are interested in using social media to promote your business, check out some twitter trends for the trade show exhibits you’re looking at.  Recently, I’ve been watching the hashtag #AmusementExpo.  Several people have been tweeting about it. The Amusement Expo would definitely be a trade show exhibit to check out next year if you are in technology, gaming and/or social media.

2. Find Your Audience

Whomever you are trying to market to, find them.  Your target audience is not interested in any trade show exhibit.  They are looking for something in particular and that something is YOU! So, if you sell kitchen supplies, you might want to check out the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this April.  Everyone here will be looking for kitchen or bath supplies. If your company features wellness or fitness supplies/services, there is an international fitness trade show exhibit this April.  The easiest to way to find a trade show exhibit that will attract your audience is to search for a trade show where your company would find some direct and indirect competition. Then, find out what kind of promotional opportunities these exhibits could provide, whether through press attention, social media of advertising.

3. Attend a Trade Show Exhibit

The best way to find out if a trade show exhibit is right for your company is to attend an exhibit yourself. Attending a trade show exhibit gives you insight that you may not be able to find on the web.  You can speak with vendors about what they think of the trade show exhibit and see if they are considering coming again next year.  You can see what kind of exhibit space to expect and how much you should plan to pay for it. Speaking with attendees, however, might be the best way to determine the value of a trade show exhibit. You can hear straight from your target audience what they want to see at the exhibit, what they like or don’t like and what they might want to change about the exhibit.


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