Love at First Trade Show Booth Giveaway

Love at First Trade Show Booth Giveaway – Be the Business They Remember

Trade Show Booth Giveaway

We all know what visitors love more than anything about trade show exhibitions. While it could be the hot and stuffy room nearing the end of the day, what people really smile the most about is the FREE STUFF! That’s where a trade show booth giveaway comes into play.

Naturally we know the word free goes one way, so since your business is forking out the money, it is in your best interest to get the best bang for your buck. How to do that? You need to spend your booth giveaway budget on products that will give you the best marketing results.

The best marketing results produced from a trade show booth giveaway have the most successful feedback results, meaning the booth visitors used your business’ giveaway  to remember the name. Your booth giveaway success comes from a couple of factors. A few we’ve narrowed down are as so:


1. Booth giveaways with  your logo and information printed on it.

This is a professional must. Not only will this give your business credibility with the sharp, customized giveaway materials, but your potential customers can become solidified customers after  taking home a product with your information on it to contact you with.


2. A Useful  Trade Show Giveaway customers want to keep around.

Some trade show booth giveaways are items that you will readily use, such as pens, water bottles and t-shirts, for example, and others just get lost in translation the day of the trade show. For this reason, it is important to know your clients. The three products I just named (pens, water bottles and t-shirts) are good for all areas of trade. Those are ones to always keep in your shopping cart, but also step outside-of-the-box for a moment and think about your trade in specific. Try and tie in the design of your trade show booth graphics, with the design of your giveaway. That way your brand and message is reinforced during and after the show.

If you are targeting clients interested in computer software, then you may want to giveaway computer related giveaways, such as screen cleaners and USB pen drives. Another benefit of thinking outside the box is not having a highly repeated item that customers have so many of that they choose to toss it.

However, we are aware that a budget must be kept, and you need to be able to hand out your personally branded booth giveaways to as many potential clients as possible. That’s why, it is always a good idea to have approximately two-third’s of your giveaways be smaller, inexpensive giveaways (at times throwaway items as these are more affordable, but remember their satisfaction for getting something free at your booth is valid), such as custom labeled candy and sticky note pads. One-third can be designated for the higher-budget items, such as tote bags and wall clocks. Keep in mind these items are more desired, longer lasting items that can be strategically given to booth visitors who participate in interactive activities, such as guessing trivia questions about your business correctly or signing up for your business’ newsletter.

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