Finding the Right Feather Flags to Flag Customers Down

Feather flags are the answer to your promotional problems as a business owner. Perfect for grabbing the attention of trade show and event attendees, feather flags are the ultimate advertising tool. Especially if your business is neck-in-neck in competition at the next event or trade show, feather flags are an investment well made, effectively drawing in potential new clients for your business.

Feather Flags are so versatile, convenient for transporting, easy to set up, eye-catching and affordable. They are easily everyone’s favorite. Whether you’re using them to promote a booth at a trade show or for an event (outdoors or indoors), feather flags are a stellar, professional investment to have made for the most success in their given objectives.

So Where to Start with Choosing Your Feather Flags?

First you will want to consider a few things before making your feather flag purchase:

  • What color theme does your business have in place?


You will want to match this, or compliment this theme, especially if you have a big sign on your trade show exhibit or a color theme trending on the exhibit display. The same goes for a prominent color theme in existence at your event.

So for example, if your company logo is blue and green, you can afford to add in another color from the same color family (cold color family: blues, greens and purples), but avoid the other side of the wheel (the warm color family: reds, yellows and oranges) for this will cause clashing. It is actually proven to cause the viewers to see the company as unorganized, unprofessional and even sketchy when there is this clutter of un-trending color, “throwing off the feng-shui”, so to speak.

  • Next you will want to ask yourself, “What size do I need for my feather flags?”



Size is generally chosen by two factors. One, how large of a trade show exhibit/event venue does your business have to balance with? Two, how large of a budget is your  business willing/able to put aside for this marketing venture?

Try to use a rule of thumb that your feather flags should correlate with the size of the trade show exhibit/event venue. So if the show/event is in a large facility with high ceilings and lots of other big business competition trying to up the ante, you’ll want to invest in the larger feather flags offered.

Instead, if the building you’ll be in has low ceilings, smaller booth space, and a lower intensity of competition (no corporations with big money to show off with), you would probably be safe with the smaller feather flag sizes.

Now if this is an outdoor event, the high ceilings don’t apply. Instead your have the sky to work with, in which case the larger the feather flags you go with, the better. However, use a heavy base for outdoor events to prevent heavy winds from knocking down your flag.

Another thing to consider with size, is how far from the main walkways and/or building entrances are from your area. If your business resides a good distance away, it is necessary to purchase large enough feather flags that the text can be read from the major walkways and entrances of the building while passing , etc.

Once you have determined the best colors and sizes for your business’ needs, you are ready for to purchase your feather flags.


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